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Saving Money with Ticketclever *

When it comes to being money savvy, I’m totally all for it, but I was even more savvy when I was a student as I was getting by on a small wage from Supermarket work. I went to Uni in London so, as you all know, London prices can be totally obscene!

 Luckily the people at Ticketclever have got your backs. In short, they just swant to make the world simpler and they also understand the railway industry which I’ve heard a rumour that says that bits not so simple. With this in mind they redesigned the way you book train travel and have unlocked cheaper train fares for you! They employed super clever Particle Physicists and Computer Scientists to create an advanced algorithm that does all the hunting and finds more cheap fare combinations than you will find anywhere else. Making life simpler right!?

They not only bring you the cheapest rail fares without booking fees, they’ve also come up with this super list for how to save even more pennies. Some of which I’m going to making note of even though I haven’t been a student for quite some years now!

I have to vouch for the Tastecard, there’s often offers to get cheap ones and they do save you so much money. I always see if I can use mine before booking a table! Also, using railcards can make your purchases from Ticketclever even cheaper so they can be a great investment, wish I had known of the 16-25 railcard when I was commuting from Zone 6 to Zone 2 for Uni! Fatfingers is also a godsend as it means you can find items those on the normal eBay site might not find, winning you a total bargain!

What are you best money saving tips, whether you’re a student or not?

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