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Tips for Travelling as a Couple

When it comes to travelling as a couple, it’s one of my most favourite things. In the past 8 years I’ve been to incredible places, experienced inspiring cultures and ate some of the most amazing food whilst travelling as a couple. But I do find that if you don’t play your cards right it can be a total make or break situation and doesn’t always end the way you hoped it would. Off the back of these experiences, I’ve picked five tips to share with you so you can make the most out of travelling with your other half.

Choose the Destination Together

When it come to travel, the destination is obviously the most important part so make sure it’s somewhere you both want to go. There’s nothing worse than getting on holiday and having one of the parties not enjoy themselves, especially if it’s cost them a small fortune. There are thousands of places around the world to visit so there will be at least one you both agree on. It makes the planning process so much easier as you both want to make the most of your time there.

Don’t Argue, Talk!

If you’re not used to living together or being with each 24/7 for a few days or even two weeks, it’s going to take its toll on you. If you’re busy all the time you’re bound to be tired, and jet lag can play a part in this too. But if you find you’re grinding each others gears then you need to talk it out, you don’t wat to get to the point where you argue as that can really ruin your holiday. You end up wasting valuable time not talking and that’s the last thing you need on holiday.

Make Memories

This sounds mega obvious but travelling together is the best time to make unforgettable memories, and I don’t mean day to day memories, I mean going (slightly) out of your comfort zone. Trying something neither of you have done before in another country is something you’ll both treasure. This doesn’t mean you have to go and do something crazy like a sky-dive, it could be something as simple as trying new foods or hiring that Vespa you’ve always wanted to own. Just get out there and be different.

Take Photos 

Yes, another obvious one, but it’s such a great time to get some great photos of the two of you doing amazing things. Most of my photos with Mike at home are selfies in the living room before going out for dinner, so for us, we try and take photos in front of monuments, cool places we visit and any funny moments that might happen so we have great images to look back over. I get my favourites printed and scrapbook them!


 This applies to both before and during your trip. If it’s your first trip as a couple it could get you a little nervous, but relax! Whatever happens, happens and can be dealt with. If you’re in relationship is strong enough to be at the point of booking a holiday together then you’ve got nothing to worry about. And when you’re on your trip, take some time out to relax too. If you’re tired, take a time out to stop arguments happening. If you’re too cold or too hot at your destination, then take some time out to relax. If worried about anything on your trip, just take a step back and relax, you’re meant to be enjoying yourself!

What are your tips for travelling as a couple?

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