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How to Plan a Fantastic Adventure Holiday in the UK *

Have you seen the price of flights in the summer holidays these days? It seems totally ludicrous that they can charge such inflated fees, and if you’re studying or work in the education sector, or have kids in school, then you can’t be very flexible when it comes to dates. It really doesn’t seem fair, and many people are refusing to cave in and pay these huge expenses for trips abroad.

If you are looking for a great holiday this summer and don’t want to crash into thousands of pounds of debt, then there are some great options available right here in the UK. While it can sound like the less exciting option, if you carefully select your destination and plan your trip well, you could end up having a better time than if you were to fly to a warmer climate. If you enjoy being adventurous, then the UK has loads of great locations that offer fun and excitement to make it a holiday to remember.

Here are a few things to consider when you are planning your holiday:


Check out the cost of public transport and see if it is worthwhile getting a train to your chosen destination. Sometimes it can actually work out cheaper to drive, and if you want to take bikes and other equipment with you, a train isn’t going to be practical. You could always hire a spacious car like the Ford Kuga to get you there, or if you are in need of a change, trade in your car for a newer model at an Autotrader. If you are choosing somewhere mountainous like Snowdonia or the Scottish Highlands, then you will be grateful for a car that can take the pace.

Book in Advance

Always try and book accommodation in advance as prices will shoot up once places get close to being filled. You can find loads of great deals on voucher sites or websites like Secret Escapes to try and save some money. If you are looking to keep spending to a minimum, choose accommodation where you can cater for yourself rather than paying to eat out or at a hotel. There are lots of affordable options out there if you’re looking for holidays in Derbyshire, and it’s a destination with lots to offer.

Write a list of activities

If there are certain activities that you want to do whether it is cycling, rock climbing, surfing, white water rafting or hiking, make a wish list. If you are planning on taking your bike, then make sure to read for all you need on maintenance or even purchasing a new bike! Use your list to carefully research each potential destination to ensure that it caters for everything that you want. Always check out that there is reasonably priced accommodation before you book to take part in any activities.

Monitor the weather

If you have six weeks off and are only planning to go away for one or two weeks, then you might be able to plan your trip around the best weather. Now you might be thinking that means you’re paying last minute accommodation prices, but there are ways around this. Many hotels offer a full refund up to the day before so you could book accommodation for all six weeks and then pick which ones to go, collecting refunds on the others.

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