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Are you an Organised Mess? *

I am all about being organised, I’ve even got to the point of having a spreadsheet for out Trek America this year. I feel like I’ve gone full adult overnight and I’m going to fully embrace it! I’m the some when it comes to the flat; everything has a home, new things get homes and I dislike it when things aren’t in there homes.

But saying that, I am a total hoarder so everything has to have a place or the flat would be a mess! My bedroom at my parents doesn’t even look like I’ve moved out and I’ve been gone over 18 months!

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you my top three tips on how to keep your home super organised if you’re a big of a lover of stuff like me!

Use wall space;  We had a lot of open wall space above our kitchen sink, and a hell of a lot of utensils. So we thought we’d use that space to show of our utensils! The hanging bar is from IKEA, as is a lot of what is hanging on it! I though it looked really Pinterest worthy when we popped it up!

 By using wall space like this, or with shelves it’s such a great way to find those items a good home, but can display them too! I like to hoard photos, books and trinkets so shelves are the perfect answer to that.

Make storage pretty; Below this pretty scene is a side board cabinet! We needed more storage in the living room so thought a side board would be the answer as we could use the top to distract away from the cabinet itself.

We’ve got tool kits, bottles of drink, important paperwork, and more stuff hidden away with it all looking pretty from the outside!

Utilise your space; We have turned our second bedroom into an office space so I made sure I opted for office furniture with plenty of storage. In those drawers, I’ve got your usual desk items like notebooks, pens etc, but it also holds all of my wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, charity items from my marathon and items I need for my blog.

In the baskets, (there’s now one on each shelf) it’s all of my camera equipment; chargers, tripods, cleaners, my small cameras and spare batteries.

For us, a second bedroom with a bed in wouldn’t get used, so we used that space to suit us and to give us more storage.

Your star sign can actually say a lot about your organisation style… mine is spot on!

Do you match your star sign?

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