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Four True Crime Books I’ve Loved

When it comes to reading, I’m pretty bad at it. I don’t get the time as we’re always here, there and everywhere, and when I get the tube to work there’s not enough space tp breathe on the Central Line let alone hold a book to read. So, I had to find a different way to get my book fix and I’m now a big fan of the audio book.

I signed up to Audible and cancelled that subscription quicker than you can make a cup of tea; there was no way I was paying £8 a month for one book. I’d be left for weeks without a book and I wasn’t impressed with the price for that. After moaning about it on Twitter, Kariss mentioned BookBeat so I took a little look into that. For just under £15 a month after a free trial, I can have unlimited books. Perfect, I was on-board with that.

I now listen to books for about an hour a day, sometimes more so I tend to get through a book a week and a lot of these are True Crime. From this I thought I’d share with you my four most recent favourites!

Letting Go by Alex Hanscombe

Letting Go is a really heartfelt story about how Alex watched his mother be murdered on Wimbledon Common not long before his third birthday. He even reads the story himself which I think makes this book so much more heart wrenching. Alex tells you all that him and his father go through to see the murdered put in prison for the awful crime.  This was the first book I had ever read/listened to from a victims perspective and it was really interesting.

Bought and Sold by Megan Stephens

This is another book from the victims perspective and this one truly broke my heart. Megan falls in love on holiday, and this awful man sells her on as a sex slave; she’s only fourteen years old. It’s her story of how she was made to lie to her family, what they made her do and how she finally escaped six years later. The book was read very well too which really helped the story flow well. Although there’s no murder, for me this is still a true crime and something that people should be aware of that goes on.

Becky by Darren Galsworthy

Yet another victim perspective book, but this time it’s from the Dad. Becky was brutally murdered and dismembered by her stepbrother and her poor dad tells the story of the pain of his loss.  She was just sixteen years old and the murder tore not only her dads world apart, but also the family. You can really feel the love her dad had for Becky and this story is an incredible read.

The Murders at White House Farm by Carol Ann Lee

This was one book I actually read the paperback version of as I grabbed it at the airport before I had the BookBeat app! It’s a pretty hefty book but so worth the read. I’m partial to a book about Essex especially when there’s a murder involved and this book has five cold-hearted murders where a son kills both his parents, his sister and her two children. He tries to frame the sister for it in order to obtain all of the families assets. A very interesting read!

What true crime books do you recommend?

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