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Safe Packing for Trips Abroad *

When it comes to packing to go abroad I’m one of those people that makes lists about making lists. I’m off to Spain on Wednesday so I thought I’d share with you my list of the important bits I’m always super cautious not to forget! It’s your best way to avoid having to make holiday illness claims when you get back!

 First Aid Kit

No matter where I travel I take a first aid kit! We tend to use AirBnB and I’m off to a few festivals abroad this year so I don’t know it our accommodation will come with them. Having plasters and little bandages have always come in so handy, even if it is just for blisters after nights out. If you’re putting luggage in the hold then a little pair of nail scissors are always great to add to this as they can come in handy for cutting tags off clothes, and if you need to use bandages you’ve got something to cut them up with.


I always pack a sheet of paracetamol and aspirin as they are ideal for hangovers. A few Imodium always get thrown in as you never know what you’re going to be eating and a few Dioralyte. If you want to avoid having a sore tummy when away you need to always wash your hands after using the toilet, ensure cutlery, utensils and plates are clean and sterile prior to using them if you’re able to and keep your fingernails clean and short to save carrying bacteria. Take hand sanitiser in your back where ever you go and if you’re camping, do not allow anyone who has felt unwell, prepare the food.

Sun Care

If you ask anyone that has travelled with me, they will tell you that I burn so easily, so from learning the hard way I always pack factor 3o sun cream for my arms and leg, and factor 50 for my face, tattoos and shoulders. I always chuck in a large bottle of after sun as I’m bound to need it at some point and a top tip, if your room has a fridge keep it in there are it makes it even more soothing!

Travel Insurance Documents

When you get you travel insurance, don’t be afraid to print off the main policy document and carry this around with you. I always pop mine in my bag just in case – I mean I’ve never needed it so far (touch wood) but should something happen it’s easy to find and won’t need someone rifling through your emails to find it.

Insect Repellant

I never react well to knat bites so I do my best to stop getting them. I’m a scratcher and have numerous tiny scars where bites haven’t ended well so by a quick spray before going out in the evening means I’m less likely to scratch and cause an infection. I also pack Tiger Balm to soothe bites too so if I do get them, I don’t scratch!

And as an extra precaution, drink bottled water where you can and avoid ice.

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