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How to Spend 8hrs in Birmingham

Before starting my new job, I took some time out to travel and to see friends. My first day trip was to hop on a train up to Birmingham to see Hayley; it only takes just over an hour to get to Birmingham Moor Street which was quite a nice chance to catch up on my YouTube watching!

Upon arrival, we hit the shops as there were some pretty decent sales going on.  I got a playsuit and a dress in H&M and Hayley got the same playsuit and a shirt. We then had a little around some more shops, a quick loo stop as my train had been delayed and headed out for a wander.

Birmingham hasn’t changed too much since I was last there in 2013, so there wasn’t too much of a rush to go and see a ton of sites. It was a chilled day to have a catch up and get me out of London!

After our little wander into town, we headed to Ming Moon’s Chinese Buffet, this is a favourite of Hayley’s and I never say no to Chinese food! There was so much choice, cost under £10 each and the food was really good. I must admit, I did go back for more than one plate as I do love a duck pancake! We decided not to help ourselves to the dessert buffet as we had something else in mind a little later!

We then needed to walk off our lunch so Hayley took me to the Bullring where we explored Selfridges. I know we have one in London but I never go there as it tends to be out of my way and not somewhere I need to go. I love the look of this building from the outside, it’s so quirky. There are so many great stores in the Bullring that I could have spent a small fortune if I wasn’t watching my pennies so much this month!

From the Bullring we moved into Link Street to grab one of the coolest ice creams you’ve ever seen! It was blue and tan, sprinkled with gold glitter, Rainbow Drops and Mini Marshmallows! There was meant to be some candy floss in the mix too but sadly the machine gave up just as it got to us! It was still really tasty and didn’t feel too naughty or sugary either which helps!

We took a walk over to the new Grand Central Station as this was one big change since I had visited. It was so plush and filled with really nice shops like Cath Kidston and Keilhs! It felt a lot like when St Pancras was new in London. I was tempted by a few of the bits in Cath Kidston but I behaved myself and left empty handed!

Hayley had a few bits she needed to pick up, and she then took me over to Birmingham Library as we both love a bit of architecture. I’m a big fan of the contrast between old and new buildings in Birmingham.

From there we headed on to the canal area to have a little wander and see another side of Birmingham. It’s such a versatile city with so many different aspects. The canals were so pretty and I loved seeing the barges go by.

We then made our final stop of the day to the Pitcher and Piano for some happy hour cocktails. I mean, a day catching up with a friend isn’t complete without a cocktail or two right?! After we had laughed some more we took the walk over to the station and I headed back home.  I had a lovely day and was looking forward to a cuppa at home!

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