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Three Easy Healthy Changes *

When it comes to being healthy I dip in and out of it a lot  more than I should. I always say I’m going to try and eat healthier but then I find another burger on a plate in front of me, or I say I’m going to run more and I make excused about the weather outside. I’m such a bad person when it comes to helping myself. I will moan about my weight, how lethargic I feel and how I wish I was fitter, but I find myself making those ridiculous excuses and it’s time to buck up and stop that!

I’ve been looking into easy ways to make my lifestyle a little healthier, and how people, in general, can make these few changes to make themselves feel a little better.

Food, the main issue for me, is such an easy thing to change yet it’s the thing I put off the most. I’ve been making a really conscious effort to up my game and make better choices. An easy way to do this is by making your own lunch for work. I’ve been making salads with a little pasta thrown in to fill me up, and this way I know exactly what I’m putting into it. I can also be a little more frugal with my cash too with buying items in bulk and prepping at home. I will buy an avocado, lettuce, cucumber, onions, sun dried tomatoes and chicken to mix in with pasta and a light ranch dressing and they’re really enjoyable.

Get out and walk more is easy tip number two. I’ve been doing this of a lunch time after eating my salad at my desk. There’s so much to explore around my new office so I’m making the most of the weather while I can and getting my step count up. I’m aiming to hit over 15,000 steps a day whilst I’m a decent walk away from the closest station for now until I move offices soon. I’ve also joined the gym that’s close to my office for when the weather gets grim; I know that’s a pricey option, well it can be, so I’m leaving that off my list for now.

If you’re a smoker, and an easy way to go tar-free is by moving over to vaping. The E Cigarette’s from AYR make dropping the real ciggies and moving over to the healthier option of vaping really easy. They are the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically. It also shows you how much you’ve vaped each session so you can keep an eye how much you’re using and limit your intake. Within an app for your phone you can also check your power, level of liquid or activate the discreet mode for a subtle vape. They’ve found new ways to make vaping guilt free and will be launched in the UK later this year.

How do you make tiny changes to being healthier?


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