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Best Places to Earn Money as a Freelancer *

I know I’ve waffled a lot about going freelance lately and I promise it will stop soon as the novelty will soon wear off I’m sure, but having been working full time for myself for the past few weeks I’ve been very conscious about ensuring I have enough cash to get me through the next month. “And how are you doing that?”, I hear you ask! Well, let me tell you…


Despite no longer wanting to work at my old job as it really wasn’t for me, I was very lucky that I was leaving on my last day to be offered a freelance copywriting role with them. This means I have to write a certain amount of articles for them but it’s a great way for me to have a guaranteed income each month. I get to write about food and drink in London until my little heart is content and get paid – what a winner?!

Selling Sites

There are so many selling sites that you can use but my two favourites are eBay when they have their free listing days and Paperclip. I love the ease of having an app where I can just snap a photo, list it and wait for it to sell. I’m such a hoarder which isn’t ideal when I like to buy a lot of stuff too so selling items I’ve hardly used or worn is making me some extra pennies this month. It’s also easy to sell large items on eBay as you can use Shiply to find a large item courier making money making super easy! I know it’s not a guaranteed source of income but it sure is a bonus.

Blogger Facebook Groups

I’m a member of lots of blogger Facebook groups as a lot of these are great ways to find out which brands are looking for bloggers to work with. These are often Sponsored posts which is a great little earner for the blog. If you’re doing these kinds of posts you do need to make sure you’re up to date with the ASA.


Despite being a lover of writing, this is 100% my most favourite way to earn money. As I am in the flat a lot of the time now, but we can’t fully commit to having our own dog as we travel too much, I look after other people’s dogs when they need it! We’ve been really lucky with all of the cuties we’ve had to look after and I’ve got a few more bookings down the line too.

I’m really happy with how things have been going so far and I’m the happiest I have been in a very long time. I enjoy having the freedom to go to the gym when I want to, to be able to snuggle dogs when they’re around and to even have more freedom with cooking dinners as I have a little more time on my hand to try new things! If things do get tough and I am starting to struggle and I’m not able to find a job then I wouldn’t hesitate to contact to get a loan to get me through.

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  1. WhatLydDid says:

    If I had my own place I would 100% use DogBuddy, it sounds like a win win situation! Really glad that freelancing is working well for you and you’ve been able to maintain that relationship with your previous workplace.


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