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Amsterdam in Under £200?!

When I recently headed out to Amsterdam I set myself a mission, could I get there, sleep and see all of the sights I wanted to for under £200. I wasn’t going to count my food as that’s quite a personal thing but I managed to do it and thought I’d share with you my budget breakdown so that you can do the same!

Transport – £110

I booked my flights direct with EasyJet as they one of the only airlines to fly out from Southend Airport in Essex and they cost £100 return. This works out a little more pricey than flying from the other London based airports, as I have recently looked and you can get return flights for as little as £40!

To get to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport we used the train to get into Centraal Station. These transfers cost £5 each way.

The ferry we used to get over to Noord is a free ferry.

TOTAL: £110

Accommodation – £26

My trip was organised by Clink Hostels so in return for a review I stayed with them free of charge, but you can stay in a shared dorm for £13 a night so if you’re on a budget this is perfect. If you’re looking to spend more there are plenty of cheap hotels on the outskirts of Central Amsterdam but the free ferry from Noord makes this such an easy option. The hostel itself is spotless and you can read about that here.

TOTAL: £136

Activities – £63.65

If you’re up to date with my Amsterdam posts you will see that we crammed a ton of stuff in whilst we there which is how I like to travel. I love to see as much as possible to make it worthwhile. I did a day on Noord and a day in Central so this is what I managed to see and the cost in short. I booked a lot of the museums online prior to the trip to save money too.


A’DAM Tower – £11
Boat Trip – £13.30
NDSM – £0.90


Red Light District – FREE
Museum Square – FREE
MOCO Museum – £10.65
Bejginhof – FREE
Body Works – £13.30
Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder – £8
Museum of Prostitution – £6.50

TOTAL: £199.65

So, I just about did it! We spent a decent amount on seeing the sights so this could be done a lot cheaper. For example, next time, I’d skip the Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder and do the Sex Museum instead and with doing that you’d save £5! I could of also been a little more fussy about flight costs to bring that cost down and have more to spend on activities!

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