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Fueling Up before Flying from Southend Airport! *

When it comes to eating at airports, what do you think of? I think of fast food, overpriced premade sandwiches and Burger King. Well, this certainly isn’t the case when you get to Southend Airport as they have a Bourgee!

Bourgee was founded on the belief that luxury dining can be served at affordable prices and I can totally vouch for that! The seating area where we perched ourselves to await our flight to Amsterdam didn’t even feel like we were sat in an airport! I felt like I could have been in a restaurant anywhere which really added to the classy feel of the place.

I was joined by my blogger bestie, Penny, as we were both flying out to Dam that night and this meant I had great company which always help when dining!

As we perused the menu we drunk the OWN LABEL Sauvignon Blanc from Bourgee in France which was really tasty. I can be known to be a bit of a wine snob when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc and this one passed with flying colours! If you don’t believe me, I had three glasses, I’d have to like it to drink that much right?!

The Bourgee at Southend Airport has a different menu to the sister restaurants as it’s labelled as a Bites, Bar & Luxe Lounge so they serve tapas style dishes. We ordered a fair few from the Teasers, Bites and Bigger Bites sections of the menu as this was to be our lunch and dinner!

From the Teasers, we went with the Smoked Chicken Bang Bang which as the perfect amount of kick and Penny went for the Truffle Popcorn which she totally devoured! I also had the Dublin Bay Prawn rolls with Fannie’s pink mayo that were so good I didn’t even come up for air in between them!

From the Bite section, we had the little meat platter that was served with the most amazing chipolini onions that tasted almost caramelised, the Smoked Chicken and Bacon Caeser with croutons that made me think ‘if all salads tasted this good, I’d eat them every day!’ and our firm favourite the sauteed cocktail sausages with chipotle chilli jam that I still dream about today!

From the Bigger Bites, we tried the chorizo in red wine and we were literally licking the bowl clean! I’m so glad they gave us dipping bread as the sauce this came with was so good; I’d quite happily have that dish with pasta for a main meal!

By this point, we had learnt that our flight was delayed, as ever, so we thought it would be rude not to try the Lemon Drizzle Cake that the staff spoke so highly about! I may have been full to the brim but it was so worth making a little room for it as it was light, fluffy and filled with flavour.

I can’t complain at all about the quality of the food or the amazing service we received whilst dining at Bourgee’s so I’d highly recommend grabbing a few plates before you fly next time!



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