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Revolution Launches Online Store *

Vodka lovers rejoice! Revolution, yes the bar chain, have bought the party straight to your doorstep with the launch of their Revolution Online Store, selling the renowned Handcrafted Flavours range alongside Revolution cards, cocktail masterclasses vouchers and gift cards.

The store currently offers three exclusive Handcrafted Flavours that are the pear drop, the bubblegum and the cherry, which will be the ideal gift for vodka aficionados, a unique accompaniment to an adventurous dinner, or a great way to recreate memories after one of the bar’s famous cocktail masterclasses. For me, I will be using mine to create vodka gummy bears for my birthday as I think the pear flavour will work really well with the fruity bear gums!  Each bottle is priced at £20 plus shipping. Or if that wait is too long then bottles can be ordered via Deliveroo for £25 delivered, which is great to know if you’re carrying on the party at home and need to top up your drinks cabinet!

If you’re a Revolution visitor, like I am then you know they use only the best ingredients and that they are well-known for their 30 delicious Handcrafted Vodka Flavours. I’ve had a few shots of them in my time, that’s for sure! Each flavour is created using high-quality seven-times distilled grain vodka in their very own Flavour Factory. The Revolution bar group has sold nearly three million bottles since launching the range and plan to add more varieties to the online store as the demand grows, which I’m sure won’t be long.

I can’t wait to soak my gummy bears in the lush Pear Drop vodka! I may have had to try just a little to make sure it was as good as the ones I’ve drunk on nights out and it most certainly is.

Whether you’re a host with the most, or a budding mixologist, the Revolution Online Store is here to get the party started.

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