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My Top Money Saving Tips *

When it comes to money saving, I’ve been working pretty darn hard this year to fund my travel addiction and to still be saving to buy a house in a couple of years. This is no easy feat as I’m such a spending addict. I go overboard for birthday and Christmas gifts as I don’t seem to know when to stop.

I’ve been making small changes here and there but they have ended up making such a difference to my savings, so I thought at this time of year sharing them might come in pretty handy!

I am a total clothes hoarder but I’ve been pretty good the past few months and had a clear out. If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, it’s unlikely you’re going to, get them out of your wardrobe and sell them! I mean there are a few bits that are exempt from this rule like posh frocks and more expensive items. I use eBay as it’s so easy to use on my phone but I know people use the likes of Vinted, Depop, and Gumtree to sell successfully too. I like to think ahead too, and use ebay’s fee calculator here so I know what fees I will be paying when the auction comes to a close.

I’ve been super thrifty this month and we haven’t really had to do a food shop! We’ve lived out of our cupboards as I tend to have so much pasta, sauces, tins of tuna, rice, spices etc that we’ve made some pretty decent meals. All of our meat is frozen as we save money by bulk buying at Costco so all I have to do is remember to get it out of the freezer to defrost the night before.

On the foodie topic, I recommend buying frozen vegetables instead of fresh if you commonly find yourself throwing vegetables out within a few days of buying them. We have plans that change, or can be short notice and having fresh veggies in the fridge can really go to waste. Kilo bags of broccoli and cauliflower are like £1 and last a hell of a long time! And I promise you that when you cook the frozen stuff you won’t notice much difference from fresh!

This is the last foodie one!  By taking in last nights leftovers it means you can avoid popping out to buy a sandwich during your lunch break and you could easily save up to £5 a day once you’ve picked up a drink and snack too. If you’re not one for having leftovers then making your own sandwiches for lunch works out far cheaper then buying them. With the £5 you can easily spend on a pre-made sandwich you can get a loaf of bread or a packet of rolls, butter and a filling! And if you’re into snacking then buy multipack bags of crisps as they work out cheaper then buying individually.

I hopped on over to my Twitter to ask my lovely followers what their top saving tips were so here are a few of the one that I can totally start living by…

The Barefoot Backpacker made a few really good points about saving money when it comes to travel including; except for late arrivals and/or early departures, you don’t *need* to stay in the centre of a city as hotels slightly further out tend to be a lot cheaper when traveling and you don’t need to go to all those museums, just because the guidebook recommends them. they can have pricey entrance fees, but walking around and getting to know a city is free!

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How do you save?

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