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Treating Him with The Body Shop *

During this time of year, we all need to be a little bit kinder to our skin. The constant heat blaring out of radiators dries you right out, the cold air batters your poor skin and those changes in temperatures really don’t help either. I’m not just talking about the girlies here either, men need to look after themselves to!

A lot of the men I know don’t tend to care for their skin and with shaving too, it makes them even more in need of that little bit more care. The Body Shop have the perfect gift sets for the man in your life this Christmas to help encourage him to be kinder to his skin!

Here are my three top picks that have been tried and tested in The Squibbert Household this month…

The Shave Away Kit For Kings And Gentlemen

If the man in your life is as well-groomed as the men in my life then this shaving duo is perfect for them. The box set includes a Maca Root Shave Cream for Men 200ml and a traditional Wooden Shaving Brush. So the Maca root has a lot of vitamin C in and that increases your collagen and fights a lot of the naughties that can cause everything from skin damage to inflammation, especially after shaving. It also has vitamins D and E which regulate collagen production as well which is another win.

He should be able to notice the difference from the first shave and he will be wondering how he ever lived without them. It’s meant to help you get a closer shave which we can confirm and it left Mike’s skin feeling great too. Plus, the super cute packaging is also a game of spot the difference which I totally loved!

The Hemp Moisture High Expert Set

If your man suffers with severely dry skin then you really need to introduce them to the wonder of the super-hydrating,  super-nourishing and protecting Hemp range. Yes, let us all have a giggle at hemp, I know we did! So hemp is rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 3 so it’s got so much that skin really needs.

The kit comes with a lip balm, hand cream and body moisture protector that are really hardworking and heavy-duty. Mike was dead chuffed with how great his skin was feeling after a few uses. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips or hand when the wind is against us during the winter and this patches those up pronto.

The Kings And Gentlemen’S Activist™ Kit

The 3-in-1 Activist™ fragrance kit if those chaps that love to smell decent all day long, and this set is even great for staying fresh after a session in the gym. It’s great for chucking in their bags and then you can reuse the awesome tin for storage. Yes, I did ask for the tin back to pop on my desk with bits and bobs in!

The whole set smelt fabulous and it got the seal of approval from both Mike and I which is rare! We really loved the dark blue colouring of the set as it matches our bathroom too so if they aren’t in the gym bag and are on display they fit in very well!

The Body Shop really do sets for the men in your life really well! I never would have thought of buying bits like this for Mike before but they went down really well and he’s looking and feeling better than ever!

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  1. Helene Selvey says:

    Hubby tried this in Bodyshop, fabulous!

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