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Turning 28!

So today I told the grand old age of 28, and I’m still nowhere near being a full-fledged adult yet!

This year has probably been one of the best of my life and there have been so many reasons why so I thought I’d share with you my top five highlights of my 27th orbit around the sun!

My top memory of this year, hands down, was our two week Trek America trip. We met amazing people, did things I never dreamt I’d ever get to do, ate more food than humanly possible and two months later I still have the holiday blues! Getting to go to Graceland certainly qualifies as being one of the best days of my life so that trip was a total success. I will be writing more about in 2018!

There were a lot of blogging highlights this year including this photoshoot we did earlier this month with Suit Direct. I was so over the moon with the photos and this one actually became my most liked photo on Instagram in the 6 or so years I’ve had it. I’ve worked with some amazing brands this year like Rekorderlig Cider, Jaguar, The Diner, the Kennedy Space Centre and ibis. Talking of the Kennedy Space Centre a bonus highlight for me was them regramming one of my photographs from the trip and it gaining 4,000 likes! Another blogging highlight was being able to travel to Amsterdam and Spain this year!

On the subject of travel, the amount I got to do this year was another highlight. I’ve been to Berlin, Bishops Castle, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Margate, Birmingham, Brighton, York, 10 states in America, weekends in London, Malta and Ludlow. I’ve been royally spoilt with that this year, for sure! I’ve visited friends, made new ones and learnt so much about friendship! I’m already planning so much more in 2018!

Another highlight, albeit a soppy one, is having spent another year with my most favourite human. He’s my biggest cheerleader, he never lets me down and supports everything single thing I chose to do. We have done some incredible things this year and I’m so glad I’ve got to make some amazing memories with him. I’m not one for public displays of affection but this guy deserves all the praise in the world for putting up with me, my temper, my snoring, my ridiculous ideas and the way I often want to eat everything in sight. He’s a true gentleman and I’m loving every minute I spend with him.

My final highlight has to be the friends I’ve made through blogging this year. There are too many to count and I am so thankful for them. They know we can’t eat before taking photos of our food before we go out, they understand the need to stop every few minutes to take photos for ‘the gram’ and they always support you.  There’s always negativity in the blogging world but I think I’ve surrounded myself with a bunch of total babes!

A cheeky bonus highlight was finishing my second London Marathon in under 6 hours which was my target and knocking 17 minutes off my previous time; I’m pretty proud of that!

What are you proud of this year?

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