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Things That Should Have Stayed in 2017

This may come across a little controversial but there are some things that people love that I really just don’t get on with and I thought airing them out on here may help me find, at least, someone with a common interest. We can then bond and be bff’s over our mutual disdain! There’s also a few things that I noticed become a lot more prominent in 2017 so they get a mention too. I’m not going to talk Politics and the big news that happened in 2017 as that’s not what I’m about on here, these are just light-hearted bits and bobs!


This is something I’ve never really got into and something I think needs to go, mas rapido! There’s only so many Instagram stories I can sit and watch of people doing cheers with their drinks, wiggling on the spot, poking tongues out or doing shots. I know everyone loves them and the drunker you get the more fun they become but I’m just not convinced! Call me boring, call me uncool; whatever, I just don’t get it! Maybe I just use my stories differently to others.

 Harry Potter Merch

As you will all know by now, I’m not a Harry Potter fan at all, but I can fully appreciate why people love it so much. I have nothing against people loving it at all, in fact, people will probably find it odd that I’d rather read true crime books over fiction any day. I mean if we all liked the same things life would be boring right?! But I’m just a tad fed up of seeing Harry Potter Merch everywhere I look.

Lack of Manners

So I know people having a lack of manners isn’t something that just happened in 2017, it’s an ongoing thing, but it should 100% have stayed there. It really doesn’t take more than a few seconds to say ‘thanks’ to the person who held the door open for you, or to wait for those extra seconds to let that person off the train before you push around me to get on the train first despite there being a queue of people waiting, and you know just being a slightly nicer person could make all the difference to someone else’s day.

New TfL Trains

They were late to be released by months and now they’re here they’re constantly making me late for work! Seriously, they have doors that don’t seem to work very well at all and they have chucked us off at various stations on our way into London to take the trains out of service. If I’m not on the train that’s being taken out of service as I’ve waited for an old train to come in I’m stuck behind a new broken down one! Also, they have less seats, fewer places to hold and where they do they’re far too high for my height, no bag racks and the woman that announces the station is so patronising! If this is a sign of how the Crossrail is going to be, then I think I want out!

Is there anything you really dislike that others really enjoy or do every day that gets to you?!

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