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Valentine’s Day? No Thanks!

Today is Valentine’s Day, the one day a year dedicated to showing the one you love just how much you love them, and I’m here to tell you exactly why we don’t join in! I’ve seen lots of lovely posts on why people love Valentine’s Day and I have nothing against them at all, in fact I do sit and read a lot of them, but it really doesn’t do it for me!

Firstly, I’m a firm believer in showing affection all year round, why should I send a card one day a year to the chap so he knows how I feel about it. I’m pretty much one hundred per cent sure that he knows how I feel each and every day. and sending a card isn’t really needed.


Secondly, we eat out all the time, sometimes more than once a week, so we certainly don’t feel the need to pile into busy restaurants that put up their prices to exploit the holiday. I’ve seen restaurants that are usually £15 for a three course meal and are now £25 as they’ve added a glass of Prosecco to the menu! I feel this is highly unfair and can even price some people out of the market!

Thirdly, going back to the card buying, I’m a little confused how a card, manufactured by someone else can know you’re feeling about your partner.  I’m rather funny about wording in cards as so many other people buy them for their partners! I’m even the same for birthday cards and often have my own made at a local company.


Fourthly, is that a thing?! It feels like it’s become a bit of a social media-based competition, posting photos with #BoyDidGood & #LuckyGirl and showing off how fabulous your gift is. Personally, Valentine’s should a personal thing, if you’re celebrating, spend time together not on Instagram and Facebook!

Lastly, I hate the way it can make single people feel! I won’t elaborate on this but I’m sure we’ve all been single for at least one Valentine’s Day and felt pretty damn awful about!

So if you’re looking for me this Valentine’s Day, I will be partaking in my usual Sunday activities!

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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day? No Thanks!”

  1. Mike says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself!?Unfortunately my partner is a “traditionalist”! I’m old enough to remember when V Day was for people to send unsigned cards to let someone know they were the object of someone’s desire without letting on who! That’s only about 50 years ago. Since then the marketers have totally skewed the message so they can increase the size of the market. The words “rip off” come to mind

    • SquibbVicious says:

      Agree totally! I remember getting a few ‘admirer’ cards back in school…. all from my dad I think, but it was part of the fun and there was no pressure on the day!

      Yesterday my social media was filled with photos of what people had been bought, and it feels so much like a competition these days!

      I was happy watching the rugby and building a new chest of drawers!!

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