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A Trip Back in Time to Battlesbridge, Essex

We rarely ever stop. We are always out, always visiting, always eating and always just popping back to the flat to sleep before starting all over again. So we actually booked in a weekend to do nothing, proper old school nothing of sitting around watching films and cleaning the flat, doing the washing and working on blog bits.

Well, that failed, like really failed. On the Saturday, we were up at 8am to get our car repaired, then back home by 10.30am to have a quick tidy sweep of the flat. Where we have hardly been here we just keep putting bits on the dining room table and it finally got to the point where we needed to find homes for it all!

We then popped to give a gift to a friend, to visit a different friends dog, to my nans where nearly the whole family were there and then to my parents where we ended up having dinner! We ‘popped’ out at midday and got home at midnight!

So much for doing old school nothing right! We thought we’d give it a go on Sunday then.

We laid in til about 11am, had a late breakfast that was almost lunch, we watched Sunday Brunch and we chilled. All was going so well until about 1pm when we decided we needed to get out and fly the drone as it has been too long and there’s some new software! I suggest Battlesbridge as it’s only half an hour from us and there’s plenty of open space!

In the car we jump, we park and we load ourselves up with all of our kit. We pass a record stall, Mike purchases the first vinyl of our collection of favourites. It’s Bad by Michael Jackson, not one I’d have anywhere in my top 50 but it was part of his childhood so I let him off, plus it was pretty cheap too!

We end up wandering all around the town, in and out of the stunning shops. Making an odd purchase here and there. We then realised we’d spent the best part of two hours absorbed in this vintage treasure trove and were both starving! I had made us a little packed lunch but it was far too cold to sit outside and was a bit pointless sitting in the car when we were in such a lovely town.

We ended up watching the sunset out of the window at the top of the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre. It was stunning. So peaceful and we fed our hungry tummies.

We shared a huge pot of tea to warm our cold hands, we had an all-day breakfast at 4pm which I loved and we chatted away without a care in the world. This was far better than sitting around at home doing nothing.

The sunset made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It also made me sit and think about how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing people, to have spent Saturday amidst by my incredible family and to have the most outstanding bloke I’ve ever met by my side in all that I do.

We may not have had the weekend we planned but the weekend we had was far better.

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