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There is one thing a man can never have too much of. No, I’m talking about beer or wine or anything cheeky. I’m talking about pants and socks. If any of you ladies have ever lived with a man, you will know they seem to go through these far quicker than the days of the week. Well, at least my one does! I’m sure that my washing is 95% Mike’s undies, so I use any excuse to get him more so I don’t have to do so much washing as I like to wait until we’ve got a full load worth! Queue the entry of, they dropped me a line and offered me a few extra for Mike I was like, ‘Yes please!’. They went straight in our case as it was just the right amount of pants and socks for our long weekend in Amsterdam. have been supplying underwear for over 20 years and cater for any occasion, whether it’s Reebok for when you need to push harder, or Savile Row Company when you need that formal touch. They also stock nightwear and loungewear. Their buyers are on the lookout to bring the latest, freshest brands to the site, thus ensuring their customers are up to date, as I find having decent undies makes you feel a whole lot better.

We were sent a range from Ben Sherman, which happens to be one of my all-time most favourite brands! I used to live in their womenswear range until they stopped selling it which broke my heart a little. You know the quality is always going to be good when you buy from them.

Mike was dead chuffed with his gifts and was even more impressed that the socks that were chosen for him were in his favourite colour scheme. Nothing beats the feeling of putting on new socks especially when you have a long day of walking out in the cold in Amsterdam!

One good thing about is that they hand chose their couriers so I had no problems when it came to having Mike’s gifts delivered which is a selling point for me too, as we’ve had so many issues with deliveries not turning up!

The items also washed up really well whereas some brands fade after the first wash, we’re still very happy with the quality.

Have you ever bought your undies online?

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