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30 Before 30 Update

So I have an ongoing 30 before 30 mission and I thought I’d drop a little update as I’m sure it’s been a while since I’ve done one…

I’m doing far better than I had expected to be at this point, but with 4 years to go I think I need to up my game!

In 2015 I completed the following:


1. Lose 1 stone.
5.  Attend a Bloggers meet.
6. Throw an awesome party/BBQ.
8. Run 10k.
9. Lose 2 stone.
12. Do something amazing for charity.
13. Run a Half Marathon.
14. Move out.
17. Go to the Theatre.
18. Further myself in my career.
27. Run 5k.
29. Run the London Marathon.
30. Take up a new hobby.

I think I may have cheated slightly with a lot of these being related to running but that has been a big part of my life and was such an achievement as I hated running!

To complete in the next 4 years:

3. Go to the cabaret.
7. Go to 12 gigs in a year.
10. Go to Glastonbury.
16. Get a fifth tattoo.
19. Get engaged.
24. Give blood – again. Last time didn’t go too well!
25. Go to the ballet.
26. Go to the opera.
28. Get married.

So a few of them aren’t dependant on me, but this year I will certainly smash the 12 gigs as I have 8 booked already, I’m also heading to Glasto plus the opera, ballet and cabaret can be easily organised. Giving blood takes a lot for me as I tend to get very faint and that puts me off but I will (wo)man up and attempt to get there this year!

Have you got any targets before your next big birthday?

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