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Say Goodbye to Tension With ExoGun DreamPro *

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One of the most significant factors impacting your health is the ability to cope with stress. There are many remedies for tension (professional massage, for example), but most of them take too long to administer or cost a fortune. You could use a quicker solution that won’t dent your budget, such as ExoGun DreamPro.

It’s a portable massager with tremendous health benefits and a bevy of handy features. Many people consider it the best massage gun of 2021.

Here’s why:

Percussive Therapy With Multiple Massage Heads 

ExoGun employs an innovative massage technique called percussive therapy. It emulates the movements of physical therapists and doesn’t rely on mere vibrations to reinvigorate your muscles. Instead, it applies vertical movements with its motorized head to improve function and range of motion.

Hence, it’s an excellent choice for people with chronic muscle conditions. This deep tissue massage gun can alleviate spasms, strains, and even acute injuries. It melts tense knots and loosens up painful fascia to give you instant relief.

On top of that, you can easily customize your treatments using four different attachments. The Ballhead is the most versatile piece and works for larger muscles, such as the back, arms, shoulders, and legs. The Flathead has a similar purpose and can target nearly any area, including the calves and chest. It also comes with tiny spikes that feel great on the skin.

ExoGun is ideal for massaging joints. The Bulletheat attachment features a tapered edge that preserves healthy joints and gently treats your knees or elbow sections.

You can even address the muscles near the spine. The Forkhead is designed for these delicate regions, delivering gentle percussions to prevent nerve damage.

Quick and Easy to Use

Another major advantage of ExoGun DreamPro is its intuitive design. You can whip it out of your bag and massage yourself in just five minutes. This is enough time to cover your arms, calves, neck, thighs and experience a burst of energy in the process. Best of all, the device is cordless, meaning you can activate it anywhere.

You also get a convenient display that relays all relevant information, such as the battery life. It also helps you choose between six different settings that deliver between 1,200 and 3,200 percussions per minute.

Keeping Noise to the Minimum

Most massage guns focus only on power. However, this isn’t the case with ExoGun.

The gadget is both powerful and produces minimal noise. It comes with a brushless motor that lowers the volume as soon as you fire it up. Therefore, you can massage yourself at work without getting on your colleagues’ nerves.

Despite the low-noise setting, you’ll still receive enough power to remedy muscle tension and combat stress.

Put Pains to Rest With a High-Quality Massager 

ExoGun DreamPro can work wonders for stress and tight muscles. It penetrates deep into the tissue to help you recover faster from intense activities and get you back on your feet much sooner. With multiple heads and adjustable settings, you can tailor the treatment to your needs and reap the benefits of a highly effective massage gun.

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