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Four Creative DIY Projects to Help Grow your Garden *

Do you love your garden? Want to make sure that it looks the best that it can? This means that you are likely to want to find ways that you can not only grow in your garden, but grow your garden too.

For those who are serious about growing, then they are going to want to make sure that they have all the right tools and equipment. Particularly things such as a polytunnel which is going to make growing that little bit easier. However, you don’t always have to pay out, instead there are some ways that you can get creative and DIY some great additions to your garden space.

Make a bird bath

Whilst you might like to think of your garden as your own, the truth is that it isn’t quite that way. Along with your plants, flowers and of course your family, there are other things that you may find call it their home. One of the most commonplace creatures that you can find in your garden has to be birds. Birds are not only fascinating to watch, but they are also great for keeping down the number of pests that will try and wreck your plants. Making a bird bath can be easier than you think, and there are an assortment of projects online that you can follow. Some of the simplest utilises the plastic flower pots, combined with bright and colourful flowers that will not only help the birds, but will also give your garden an extra spot of colour.

Build raised garden beds

One of the simplest things that you can DIY for your garden is a raised garden bed. They are not only easy to make but they are incredibly useful too. All you need are some wooden planks, it doesn’t matter the condition or the wood, as this will just add to a rustic charm and design that will add into your garden. Pallets work particularly well for making raised garden beds. Raised garden beds are not only great to look at, but as they offer a raised space for your precious plants to grow, they are much more likely to stay safe and protected from ground frost and of course some of the pests that can try to chomp on your hard earned work!

Create a garden bench

There is no point making all that effort to design and keep a garden that is beautiful, if you don’t spend the time out there taking it all in. This means that a great DIY project for you to try is creating a garden bench. Much like a raised bed, these are relatively easy to make as they only require some wood (and of course a way to fasten them) and you can make them to the style that you need. Some may want a simple garden bench that they can perch on, whilst others may want something more robust. You can even add in plant pots to your garden bench, either on the ends or perhaps even cutting a hole in the seat part and slotting in a plant to give it colour and style too.

Bring the indoors out

Who says that you can’t have some of your home comforts out in the garden? In fact, some of the indoor items that you have might be great to repurpose and bring them outside. There are countless ideas of ways that you can bring the indoors and outdoors of your house together. Of course, you have the simple touches such as cushions, throws and other comforts, but for those who are feeling particularly creative or brave, then you can also use things that you might not always think of, such as sinks, buckets, wellington boots and even old pots from the kitchen.

We love garden DIY projects, not only are they great fun, but they can save you money too. Best of all, they can help your outdoor space to grow. By getting creative and getting hands on with some design ideas for your garden, you can not only add a sense of style, but also help to organise your garden too. You can even approach them as a family task too, involving the children to help you to finish off whichever project you have chosen.

All of which will help you to have the ideal place to flex your green fingers and really get your gardening groove on! Isn’t that what your garden is for?

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