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Boho Home Styling: A Decor Guide *

*This is a collaborative post.

The Bohemian or boho design style is by far one of the most liberating and unconventionally disordered design styles used by modern interior designers. In truth, it’s this ‘disordered orderliness’ that makes boho styling such a deceptively tricky feat. On the face of it, it should be impossible to adhere to a design that virtually lives off of breaking the rules. But it can be done! Read on to find out how.

Choose natural materials

Boho prides itself on being whimsical, yes, but still worldly and well-grounded. For this reason, it’s common to see furniture made of natural materials like raw timber, wicker, and stone in boho-style interiors. Even a simple wooden bedside table can be styled to be Bohemian! In fact, wood tones have been lauded for their ability to feel perfectly at home in a multitude of different interior design styles. If you’re not a fan of rattan furniture or are looking to keep your space rather flexible in its design, opt for simple wooden furniture to ensure that the style of your home can evolve organically and with minimal waste.

Colourful and cosy

Boho interiors are often the most inviting spaces because they prioritise comfort and curiosity above all else. It’s not unusual to see beautiful throws, rugs, cushions, and tapestries with patterns and textures from all parts of the world filling every bare inch of a modern boho living space. Don’t be afraid to decorate around your patterns, and turn your space into a colourful, textural jungle that inspires your guests to just float around and take it all in! Let their eyes enjoy this vibrant playground you’ve created until they feel ready to rest their weary heads on some tasselled cushions and get under some warm, handwoven throws. 

Use statement pieces

If you’re an avid thrifter, a collector of all things vintage, or even just a die-hard D.I.Y.-er, you’ll know all too well the anguish that comes with trying to make a specific piece of furniture or accent work. But one signature element of the boho design style is its ability to make even the boldest and most outlandish of statement pieces feel perfectly at home. Let yourself take in any and all discoveries that may come your way, and don’t be afraid to upcycle some pieces either! All boho fans love furniture with a good story. 

Greenery and scenery

Returning back to the boho style’s love of all things natural, it needs to be said that you can’t have boho vibes without houseplants. It’s essential that you place some actual happy plants in your colourful jungle for two main reasons. First of all, having some gorgeous greenery in your space will naturally break up your room’s noisy colour scheme, providing you and your guests with a welcome respite from the high visual energy of your boho-style interior. Secondly, if you select your houseplants strategically, they can add an extra dynamic layer to your pattern-based design scheme. Go for naturally striking or dynamic plants like palms, and erect succulents like aloe vera and some maybe even some vertical cacti. Even plants with delicate foliage like maidenhair ferns can perform fantastically in boho spaces, especially if they’re housed by some hand-painted terra cotta pots!

Alongside houseplants, it’s also been said that naturalistic landscape art can also complement boho interiors rather well. Adding those extra soft green and blue wall accents may help balance out your naturally vibrant space, and potentially also boost the worldly feel of your boho styling too.

In essence, adopting the boho style is largely all about paying homage to the many hues of humankind through your home’s design. You’ll find that the further you travel on your boho styling journey, your appreciation for the world around you will deepen, and you’ll be inspired to engage with ideas and stories you wouldn’t have otherwise even known!

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