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Making Travel Easier with my Cabin Zero Backpack *

When it comes to travel, we cram in as much as we physically can. We love to escape our hometown as often as we can, not because we don’t love it, far from it, we just love to see and do as much as we can. We  have so many trips planned this year and we’ve already been on a fair few so I like to think I’ve got pretty darn good at packing light. I only ever take hand luggage unless I’m going for more than 5 days which is rare. And when I say hand luggage I mean my Original Purple Classic 44L Cabin Zero bag.

This bag has been a total godsend when it comes to getting as much as we can into one bag but still travel light. The bag itself weighs one kilo so it’s mega light and the dimensions, 51 X 36 X 19cm, are the perfect size for most budget airlines. I used it on EasyJet and it was able to be stored under the seat too when the overheads got a little cramped. With the bag being so soft I can pack it right to very edge whereas with hard cases they tend to have thick walls and a chunk of the back not able to be used for the handle.

One aspect of the bag that I loved was on the top of the side handle there’s a small metal tab, it doesn’t look like much but when you pay it some more attention you notice it has a number on it. This number is your Okoban number, which may not sound like much but when I hopped onto I realised that it’s a system that allows you to register your bag as that number is your unique Okoban identification code. You register your CabinZero bag online, so that in the event that it is lost and then found it can then be returned to you. Such a great touch.

I also like the buckles on both sides that help pull the bag in a little when I cram a little too much in. I blame that on traveling a lot during winter and having to carry a few extra layers and, obviously, we carry a lot of camera equipment. I’m sticking with those excuses!

As you can see from above I also customised my bag a little for when we went to Amsterdam! I had a ton of patches that I’ve purchased over the years and I thought they looked super cute on my bag. I do need to get them sewn on as I am a libality with a needle and thread, it’d look like a five-year-old had done it otherwise!

I am so happy with my bag! It’s been to London, Amsterdam and York, plus it’s packed ready for Plymouth this weekend too. It honestly makes me think how I used a hard wheely case for so long as having the bag on my back makes the airport so much easier having two hands-free. I also can’t fall over this when it’s on my bag like I can when I’m dragging a wheely bag! I’m going to be grabbing Mike one for sure so we can both nail this traveling light with backpacks together!

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