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How You Can Help Deal With Common Allergies Throughout The Day *

Allergies can be anything from a minor nuisance to a serious debilitating problem with more severe and uncomfortable side effects. No matter how much you’re suffering from the effects, you’ll want relief as soon as possible.

Whether you look for antihistamine medication from outlets such as Chemist-4-U, or you look for ways to reduce the impact of allergies throughout the day, there are certain things that you can do to make it easier. This post looks to provide some advice on the ways you can deal with some common everyday allergies and get relief.

Seasonal Pollen Related Allergies

During spring and summer, pollen counts begin to skyrocket. Even a good day with a lower pollen count can still be uncomfortable, while days with an especially high pollen count can be close to unbearable. That said, there are some ways you can help reduce the impact a pollen allergy can have meaning you’ll be more able to continue with your day as normally as possible, and with less discomfort than you might have worried about.

One thing you could do is keep a close eye on the weather forecasts as the spring season rolls in. Once the forecasts suggest that a rise in pollen count is due in the next few days, start taking your antihistamine medication. You could do this quickly by using a pharmacy online. Essentially, you’re making your allergy treatment proactive instead of reactive. You’ll have antihistamine medication in your system ready to take action when you need it to, rather than only after you start to suffer from the allergic reaction’s symptoms.

Pollen can also cling to your clothes or hair while you’re out. Unwittingly tracking it into the home can mean it’s hard to find relief from allergies. Consider showering quite soon after you arrive back home, which will help wash away any lingering pollen particles and let you enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening in peace. You should also consider changing clothes once you’re home for the same reason, as well as possibly doing laundry a little more frequently to help combat pollen build-up on your clothes. Avoid using an outdoor washing line too, as pollen will stick to sheets and clothes as they dry, meaning you’ll bring more pollen right back indoors.

Allergens Around the Home

Another major allergy that many deal with, especially around the home, is an allergy to dust or dust mites. This kind of allergy can be especially disruptive around the home, meaning more care should be taken to reduce the impact it can have on your day to day life. One major change you could make is to switch to hypoallergenic bed sheets and pillows, which can greatly reduce the impact a dust mite allergy can have on you.

Another major investment you can make is to use vacuum cleaners that have a HEPA – ‘High-efficiency particulate air’ – filter included. This ensures that your vacuum is able to capture and trap allergens such as pollen and dust mites. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning can ensure no allergens can cling to carpets or furniture. A more drastic change, which you may choose if your allergies are particularly severe, is to change carpeted floors for wood or tile flooring.

Making sure to groom a pet more often alongside regular cleaning can also help. With pet allergies, it often isn’t fur that people are allergic to, but pet dander instead, which is shed skin flakes. These become airborne easily and stick to most surfaces, making them a particular allergen risk. Brush pets thoroughly outdoors to keep skin flakes out of the house, and consider investing in a HEPA air filter alongside a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Combining these two preventative measures can both minimise the risk of dander and other allergens sticking to clothes or surfaces while helping you to eliminate those allergens that do stick around.

Keeping these tips and advice in mind can help you reduce the negative effects that a serious allergy can have on you throughout the day, giving you more time to focus on your usual day-to-day schedule without interruption.

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