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How will I be Preparing to Move Home Next Year? *

So, it’s no secret at all that Mike will be selling the flat we currently live in next year and we will be buying a house together. I’m going to be a legit adult! It’s going to take a lot of work, lots more saving and plenty of teamwork to ensure we get the right amount for the flat, find the perfect home for us and to ensure the move goes safely so there are a few little bits and bobs that I have already started doing! It may seem a little premature to be doing things a year in advance but my bedroom at my parents looks like I haven’t even moved out of there, my wardrobe is overflowing at the flat and there’s no such thing as being too organised in my eyes!

So what exactly have I started to do?

Downsizing my Belongings

As I mentioned above I’m pretty much a clothes hoarder. I have a whole bedroom at my parents that still looks like I live there and I have a winter and summer wardrobe that I have to rotate at the flat. As I am a clothes buying obsessive to put it lightly and I hate shopping so it’s all online orders too! I need to get some time together to go to my parents and empty my wardrobe there and work out what can be sold, what I can wear and what is good enough for the charity shop. I then need to do the same with my clothing at the flat and my insane shoe collection too! I have at least 30 pairs of Vans and Converse, 20 odd pairs of trainers, at least 7 pairs of Dr Martens, and that’s without my heels, sandals and other bits and bobs!

By doing this I will. hopefully, have a lot less to move making it a little easier!

Researching Removal Options

There are a fair few options when it comes to moving home and how you get your belongings from one home to another. One of them being was ask our dads to use their vans, but this would mean them taking time off work to help and emptying their pretty full vans. We think the best options for us would be to use a local removals company as they know what they are doing, have bigger vans and will probably be a little better at getting sofas down stairwells, we don’t want a FRIENDS ‘pivot’ moment!

Saving Every Penny

We obviously have a house price in mind that we can afford but it’s all the additives on top that make it even more pricey like your stamp duty and solicitors fees. We want to save as much as we can so we’re not stuck when those bills come in and the more we save the bigger the deposit we can put down too. Selling all my excess clothes will come in handy for this bit too!

Keeping an Eye on Mortgages

This one, I’ve become a little obsessed with! I keep looking to see what size mortgage we could get with what deposit and what earnings! I then like to see if the rates have changed and how much by. Crazy of me right?! I’m just dead excited for all this to start happening properly!

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