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5 Tried & Tested Ways To Feel Safer At Home *

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The importance of feeling secure in your own house, and maybe the most important factor in deciding where to live, cannot be overstated. Your house, however, will still be at risk of robbery, whether you live in the middle of nowhere or right in the middle of the city. The idea that anyone might break into your home at any time is terrifying, but there are plenty of safeguards you can put in place to keep this from happening. Take a look at these tried and tested ways of enhancing home security so that you can feel safer at home.

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Get to know your neighbors

Befriending your neighbors is often a good idea, simply because living next door to one another becomes a far more pleasant experience. Not only that, but good neighbors will listen and watch out for each other, assisting you in detecting any unusual or suspicious behavior in your house. Not only that, but they will pick up your mail and inspect your house when you’re gone, ensuring that criminals aren’t aware your house is empty.

Install security measures

Putting security measures in place is one of the safest ways to ensure that your home is not broken into. Don’t make it easy for burglars to get into your house! To help deter thieves from your house, you can add a range of Access Hardware, ranging from deadbolts to a front door handleset. Installing surveillance cameras and motion sensors to warn you when someone is on your property is also a good idea. Make use of today’s technologies to protect your family and home!

Make it look like someone is home

One of the most common mistakes people make when leaving their house is failing to turn on a light. Having it look as if anyone is at home will discourage criminals from attempting a robbery. Leaving the porch light on, leaving shoes on your front door step, or leaving noise on, such as the TV or radio, can make criminals believe there is someone home and thereby deter them from breaking in.

Keep outside areas safe too

It’s important to think about the possessions you have outside such as your car and garden furniture. Installing a lockable gate on your driveway will prevent thieves from entering and taking your belongings. You may also consider installing security cameras to help keep an eye on your outside possessions, not to mention adding another layer of security that will put thieves off the idea of stealing from you.

Use your dog to your advantage

Finally, we’re not recommending that you train your dog to fight intruders, but just the idea of it will discourage thieves from breaking into your house. Messages such as “Beware of the Dog” should be displayed on your house. Thieves sometimes work in groups and scour whole neighbourhoods in one go. According to studies, homes with dogs are much less likely to be burgled than those without because of the threat of an attack from a dog.

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