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Completing the Final Touch to our Bedroom with Made to Last *

We decorated the bedroom even before I moved in nearly 3 years ago now; we loved the colours, we got new carpets, we matched all our bedding perfectly, and we felt so proud of all the work we put in. There was just one thing that we couldn’t find that we really wanted; the perfect light. We’ve had the same gross brown light and lamp shape up since Mike bought the flat before I was even around and we’d always go on about how much we hated it, we just didn’t know what kind of light we wanted.

At first, we wanted a new lamp shade, then we wanted something quite industrial, then we wanted a flush ceiling light to save space and then we went back to wanting an industrial light as it would suit the room so much better.

So an industrial light from Made to Last is exactly what we got.

Made to Last champion sustainable products made in Britain and that’s something we fully support so it made perfect sense to get out light from there. They also have  a clear guarantee shown on the product page which, to me, shows how much trust they have in their products, they also believe that globalisation in terms of information and knowledge sharing is a good thing and that diversity is incredibly important but currently the way materials and products move around the globe is incredibly wasteful so by using local products and tradesmen we’re doing out little bit to help stop high levels of importing and wastage.

The light we chose was the Coolicon Industrial Copper Pendant Light with a domestic ceiling rose and cable. The pictures on the website showed the light in a bar or restaurant but they didn’t put us off at all as we often love the industrial lighting when we’re out and about! We opted for the brown cable to match the browns of the leather bed and curtains in the room so it was all in keeping; I’m a sucker for having everything match perfectly!

Part of the reason I chose the light was the way the bulb is almost fully exposed giving us maximum light but looking super swanky too! Our old light couldn’t have very high voltage blubs and with a dark brown shade it didn’t give off much light making it hard to my make up in there of an evening!

From ordering on the site to having the light delivered, there were no issues what so ever and it arrived pretty darn quickly too! It was well packaged, no marks or damage at all and we have decided that it’s certainly coming with us when we, hopefully, buy our house next year as it’s far too nice to leave behind – sorry whoever buys the flat from us! There are a fair few options of cable colours so we can just update that should we need it to match a different colour scheme! I’ve got my eye on a few other lights on Made to Last for when we move too so this could well be the start of a lighting obsession!


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