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Time Traveling Back 67 Million Years to see Dinosaurs in the Wild *

I literally am struggling so much to put into words how much I loved this morning out with the Love Pop Up London crew! In fact, I loved it so much that I booked tickets to go back six days later with Mike so he could experience it and I am planning a return with my parents. I’ve told all my friends, family and neighbours about it and I’m sure some of them are planning a visit too.

So what exactly am I raving on about?!

It’s Dinosaurs in the Wild in North Greenwich. I even donned my most hideous yet awesome sequin dinosaur shirt for the occasion which went down very well with my friends and staff, so I’m glad I made the effort to dig it our and iron it!

Dinosaurs in the Wild is one seriously fun and immersive experience that transports you back to Timebase 67, thanks to the technology created by the team at Chronotex. You leap back 67 million years in just a few seconds to be greeted be some of the largest creatures to ever walk this earth.

Your tour guide will take you on the most incredible tour where you can pick up dinosaur poop, see a T-Rex arm that was found fresh that morning, see a beating heart of junior Alamosaurus and get a lot closer to the dinosaurs then what I bargained for. We were even lucky enough to stumble across an autopsy that was super interesting. The team that work at Chronotex have worked with some of the leading palaeontologists to ensure all information shared during our visit was totally correct and up to date.

We worked our way up the floors meeting more Chrononauts, learning every step of the way and getting uber excited for the prospect of gaining clearance to go up to the Lookout on the very top of Timebase 67 to see the dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

After gaining the clearance we needed, we got in the lifts pretty pront as we were all so excited to see what we could spot from the windows.

We were treated to quite the show with George the Triceratops hobbling by, a flock of Dakota Raptors trying to scare a 70 tonne Alamosaurus and not getting very far, and those pesky T-Rexes that did actually get a little too close to comfort. In fact, we had a slight incident, but I won’t go into that, it’s not like it’ll happen again and I don’t wanna scare you off visiting and experience the speediest time travel ever!


Lets just say we didn’t quite come back the way we went but it’s all ok as I lived to tell the tale and am urging you guys to go and visit before the Timebase gets moved along elsewhere!

After making it back, just, we were lucky enough to meet some of the team behind this incredible experience and I was blown away with how they had purpose built the building in North Greenwich and got all of the dinosaurs and time traveling machines in place in around 2 months. They must of had one monstrous and hard working team!

I’ve likened our experience to something you’d get at Disney or Universal as it was so intense, hands on and wonderful! I really didn’t expect to spend those 70 minutes gasping, clinging to poor Laura, laughing and fully believing we were actually there when I first arrived. I left feeling so overwhelmed by the fun we had that I can’t even begin to recommend going enough.

Dinosaurs in the Wild will move on from the 2nd September so don’t miss out!

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