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What do I Pack in My Hand Luggage for a Short Haul Trip? *

When it comes to travelling light, I’d like to think I’ve become a little bit of a pro! I really do travel with as little as possible as I like to keep my bag light as I use a Cabin Zero so I carry it around on my back. I use the front pouch on the Cabin Zero as my hand luggage section so I don’t have to disturb my packing in the main area of the bag.

And here’s what I always pack…

I often download an episode or two from Netflix to watch, most recently we’ve been making our way through Peaky Blinders which are a great length for short flights! If I’m going to be watching tv shows or just listening to music, then I will always pack my earphones. I find using earphones is a little more comfortable for me on a flight as they save my ears from popping! There are so many good, noise canceling headphones and earphones out there that can make your flight far more comfortable!

I love chucking in a book to read as I’m still not sold on reading books on a Kindle or your phone! It can come in quite handy if you get delayed and don’t want to use all your data streaming tv shows. I’m currently reading Helter Skelter which is about Charles Manson’s cult and it’s great for reading in fits and starts as it’s filled with so much information that it’s good to take little breaks to digest it all, and a short haul flight is perfect for that.

I also like to make sure I have a good quality phone case on my iPhone as it’s going to be in and out of my pocket, used for watching tv shows, used for taking plenty of photos and moved around a lot more than if I’m just working from home. This super cute personalised one is from My Personalised Case and it arrived super fast after ordering it. It’s not even scratched or chipped after a few trips abroad, commuting into London and a few trips around the UK. I particularly love how I could pick the colour of my font to match my hair and passport holder!

I, of course, take all of the usual bits like my passport, a power pack, phone chargers, printed off boarding tickets just in case it doesn’t work on my phone, a copy of where my travel insurance from and all the information I need about where we are staying. I also have a little file at home that I keep a lot of travel information in as I’m always one to be over-prepared, in this, I have documents on medical negligence should we ever have to use our travel insurance for an accident and it’s not up to scratch. I’ve also got any receipts from when we change up our currency so I can get back the same rate if we have any left, plus if we need any special paperwork for our drone I keep that safe from previous travels just in case! Told you I’m a little too over-prepared!

What do you always travel with?

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