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Dining at The Crown Hotel, Chertsey with Young’s Pubs *

As you will hopefully have seen, we spent a lovely overnight stay at The Crown Hotel in Chertsey,  so as I’ve chatted to you about the room and the location, it’s time to talk about the food! As part of the SUMMER18 offer you get a two-course meal, welcome drink, and breakfast so here goes the foodie goodness!

We often do a little sneaky when we have a two-course meal; we get a starter to share and a dessert to share so we get the best of both worlds and don’t’ get too full up.

We kicked off with the King prawn skewers served on a hot rocket salad with chilli & garlic butter which was perfect for sharing with having the two skewers. It was just the right size to share and really was tasty! I’m a fan of chilli and garlic butter as it’s not something we have at home so we lap it up when we’re out!

I went totally against my usual self and didn’t order a burger, I went in for the Breaded chicken escallop, that was topped with the nicest roasted tomato & red pepper salsa which I never would have thought about pairing but I’m so glad they did, a poached copper Maran egg, with a healthy portion of sauteed garlic potatoes. I was so glad I chose this over a burger as it was such a fulfilling meal, I felt dead happy after eating it!

Mike went in hard with the Smokehouse Baby back ribs served with a side of perfect Triple cooked chips and a helping of summer red cabbage slaw. He’s a big portion eater and he was so close to being defeated by it, but he enjoyed it a lot so he pushed on and was rather glad he did!

When we were picking out a dessert to share, we joked about school dinners and Mike was shocked how I never had school dinners growing up as we took pack lunch so we decided I had to try the Spotted Dick! It wasn’t anything like what I thought it would be but I really enjoyed it although the custard could have been a little thicker for my liking!

We may have a few glasses of wine, then a couple more but as there was an awesome rock covers band playing in the pub we didn’t want to leave! We sung our hearts out, danced a little and then made the short walk back to the room across the courtyard to head off to bed! A really fun, unplanned evening!

I always look forward to a hotel breakfast when I find out it’s a Full English style buffet, so I was dead chuffed when we were seated and told to help ourselves. I filled my plate high with doorstop brown toast, beans, mushrooms, sausage and bacon. I’d usually have scrambled egg but as the only option out was a fried egg I went in for a hash brown instead.

We really enjoyed our food at The Crown Hotel and if you want to head to a Young’s Pub make sure you utilise the SUMMER18 offer to get your room, welcome drink, two-course meal for two and breakfast for £129!

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