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Packing for a Long Weekend with LeanPac *

I like to credit myself as a bit of a professional packer. I pride myself on just packing what I need and doing so very well! I often make a list of what I need to pack, ensure all items match another on the list to create outfits so I’m not taking any excess and then pack strategically so it’s all neat and tidy!

Little did I know that when LeanPac sent me a few items to up my packing that I’d learn I could be doing it so much efficiently! LeanPac are a suite of modular adventure travel luggage that are meant to reflect and bring out the handsome quality of a lean and efficient traveler. Their products have been designed and produced to minimise wastage of time and effort spent when traveling, especially for those of us that are always on the move.

As part of the JHMM set I was sent from LeanPac were two medium sized OrgPac’s. These are made with a fine mesh that provides a good view of everything in the bag, making it easy to grab any item quickly and are of a real good depth. I recently packed up two medium OrgPac cubes to see how much I could cram into them!

In just one cube, I could fit my rather bulky Mickey Mouse Onesie, a hoodie, pyjamas, a pair of sandals, jeans, vest and shirt! All enough to take on a night away, maybe I could scrap using a suitcase and just carry one of these are they’re so much easier to carry and pack!

The pros of using this style of packing cube is that the semi-rigid mesh and piping holds the frame up while packing so it’s easy to see how much room you have left in each cube, and that they fit in so much that you can easily pack everything you need for an overnight stay or break up clothing day to day if on a longer trip.

Another part of the kit is the HangPac hanging toiletries bag that literally does what it says on the tin! It’s a uniquely sized travel bag designed to enable flexibility of use, doubling up as a toiletry bag and packing organiser bag should you need it to. I have used this a toiletries bag on a recent overnight trip to my parents and fitted in all that needed and more! One of the great things about this bag is that each segment is removable by velcro so you can just take out the pieces you need if you’re not planning on using it all. With it being hanging it can be used in the smallest of bathrooms as it takes up minimal space and the suction cups mean the HangPac can be attached to near enough any walls, mirrors and any smooth surface! Great idea!

The last piece of the pack is the JamPac travel backpack holdall with organiser case which is something I really wished I’d had when we want to America! The backpack folds into the organiser case so it’s easy to chuck in your suitcase if you know you’re going to be bringing home extra luggage as the bag itself expands to the size of a cabin bag and the organiser case can be used as another packing cube.

This is such a handy pack to have as someone who travels so frequently and means I’ve upped my packing game even more!

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