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Super Supper Club Dining with The Jam Shed Supper Club *

It’s not often you get a Masterchef finalist cooking dinner on the rooftop of the Royal Festival Hall, part of the Jam Shed Supper Club at the Southbank Centre so when it did occur, I was obviously there! I’d never been to a supper club before as I always get a little freaked out by the thought of going to someones house I don’t know and eating there with a group of strangers!

This was a grand introduction to supper clubs as we were sat with a frightful group of strangers, that made this alien experience a little more normal!

Our chef for the evening was David Crichton who is still a long haul pilot by day! In fact, we learnt whilst chatting to him during dinner that he had flow back long haul a day or so before his supper club stint began, and when it ended later in the week, he’d be driving back home to Chester to be on call. He’d then fly to Las Vegas the next day, how crazy! How does he fit it all in?!

But alas, onto the most important part of the evening, the food!

The first dish out was a dreamy mix of Chorizo with Jersey Royal potatoes marinated in parsley aioli, smoked almonds, and aged balsamic vinegar. Oh wow! I love Chorizo and this was such a different way to have it! As these were sharing starters, our table near on licked the bowl clean!

The dish that had swayed me to David’s menu was this, the Almond satay chicken with cucumber salad. Chicken Satay was the reason I broke being a vegetarian many moons back so you can see I’m a huge fan and this could be the best satay I’ve ever had. The chicken was well coated, but not drowning in sauce, it was cook perfectly and the cucumber salad gave a get texture difference.

The Maryland crab cakes served on a bed of leaves with sriracha mayo went down a right treat with our table! I don’t there’s any seafood fan I know that doesn’t love a crab cake and these were fresh, with a little kick from the sriracha mayo that paired so well.

A few of our table said the spiced pickled carrots coated with yoghurt, chat masala, coriander, and mint were there favourite part of the stater as it was such a different way to have carrot! They certainly gave an old veg a new lease of life!

On the table was also had a large Sourdough loaf served with ‘Jam Shed’ butter, that was devoured in full.

The main course was a total winner too! We were served a Slow roasted BBQ porchetta with carrot ketchup and drizzled with mushroom jus. On the side was a pumpkin seed pesto and rosemary focaccia bread to mop up with. As a person that eats very little pork, this melted in my mouth and left me feeling very happy! The meat was just so great to eat!

Our final course, the only non-sharer of the evening was the Strawberry ‘Jam Shed’ affogato topped with milk shortbread and a scoop of tonka bean ice cream. This was light, but just right for finishing the meal off with. So many flavours that just worked.

The whole evening had great service, incredible food and I’d highly recommend checking out the other chefs that are there this month.

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