London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Shaka Zula, Camden, London.


Having only opened a year and a half ago, Shaka Zulu is creating all kinds of impressive names for itself after winning Best Interior Design Award at the London Bar and Club Awards 2012, and being named Prestige Events Coolest Events Venue in 2011. But this simply wasn’t enough for those at Shaka Zulu, and they’ve decided to go one step further with a new offering uncannily entitled The Meat Bar, serving, among other delights, some very taste bud tickling Meat Cocktails!

London’s meatiest tipples look set to become the newest and hottest trend of the year. The first of the bizarrely amazing concoctions is a modern twist on a classic – The Bloody Bacon, which is made from a 24 hour mature Bloody Mary mix (a Shaka Zulu speciality) and bacon vodka, garnished with celery, crispy smoked bacon and a skewer of soft cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Another totally unique cocktail featured is the Meatequita, a blend of tequila reposado infused with chorizo, vegetable juice, balsamic vinegar, smoked sea salt pepper and port, which is then served either straight up or, for the real meat lovers, with beef biltong strips and chorizo. Fish lovers in attendance can sample the Wheeling Salmon, made with smoked salmon-infused vodka with lemon pepper and ice, and served with a host of traditional martini accompaniments including smoked salmon, stuffed baby red peppers and olives. Each of these delicious drinks has been lovingly crafted by Bar Manager extraordinaire, Tony Safqi.

The interior of this unique nightspot transports you straight to the heart of South Africa, with its 20ft Zulu Warriors and carved wooden murals that cover every inch of Shaka Zulu’s walls and ceilings. If you mix this with the enthralling taste of meat cocktails, you quickly enter a surreal world of flavours, senses and sights.

Who said meat was just for eating?

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