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Walking the Streets of East London with Strawberry Tour’s Jack the Ripper Tour *

I’m one of those people that can’t get enough of British history. I have so many books on it, I watch TV shows on it, and I talk about it for hours with my parents, Mike and like-minded friends. So I’m obviously one of those people that go on walking tours around London and take in every single word the tour guide says. I recently took Penny on a walking tour with Strawberry Tours to tick off one of her 34 before 34 missions, and that walking tour was all about Jack the Ripper.

Strawberry Tours operate a huge variety of tour through London, and other major cities around the world and they’re free!  Which means that at the end of the tour, you can choose to reward the guide if you wish so, according to how much you enjoyed the tour and if your budget allows you too. This system ensures each tour guide gives great quality on the tours leading to high client satisfaction, and last but not least, that absolutely everyone can come on the tours, regardless of their budget.

I’m not going to go into every detail of our tour as I think that defeats the object of me encouraging you to go on your own but I will say our tour guard Jonny was great, he had us so engrossed! We had a group of between twenty to thirty people and he kept the attention of all of them which isn’t an easy task at all. With the weather being on our side it made the tour a hell of a lot more enjoyable but these tours do run all year round no matter what the weather is as it’d hardly run at all if it was weather dependent!

Something that I really enjoyed about the tour, as this was about my fifth Jack the Ripper tour, was that Strawberry Tours took a totally different angle than those I’d been on before. They focused a lot more on the victims. As we started the tour by Tower Hill we were asked to name the five main victims of Jack the Ripper and out of our entire group I remember the name Annie, but no last name and another lady remembered Mary Jane Kelly, but we’d all obviously heard about Jack the Ripper! It does such a disservice to the victims families when they’re forgotten in such a way that it was really interesting to learn a lot more about them.

Our tour lasted two hours coming to a close in Spitalfields Market, a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street and just over the road from the famous Ten Bells Pub, which I do recommend stopping for a pint if you’re not a local and haven’t done so before.

Strawberry Tours offer Harry Potter Tours, All Day London Tours and even a Food Tour so there’s plenty of options if East London Serial Killers aren’t quite your thing! Go get involved and up that step count of yours, you’ll even find out what this dodgy looking Fish & Chips Shop is famous for and it’s not their food!

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