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What would I put in my Dream Garden? *

The one thing that I’m overly looking forward to about buying a house within the next year or so is having our own garden. I’m a huge fan of having those BBQs that start Saturday afternoon and go on to the early hours of Sunday morning because the time just flew by as you’re all having so much fun. It’s also so nice to have somewhere to chill out in of a weekend and a place to eat dinner outside during the warmer months. I’ve got an idea in my head of what sort of garden I’d like to call my own. So I’m hoping when we find the perfect house, it comes with a garden big enough to incorporate all of my ideas!

A Pond

I really want a pond or water feature and have done for years. I love being around water as it makes me feel so calm so having my own little area in the garden for that would be so lovely! I’ve been looking on Bradshaws Direct and they have all the parts I need to make this happen! Just need to get the hole dug and away we go with that! Maybe even having a few fish in there might be a nice touch too!

Seating Areas

I’d like to squeeze in as many seating areas as the size of the garden allows as I always think they look so much more homely! A bench or two gives you the option to have your cuppa tea at the end of the garden or sitting by that pond I want so badly. It also means we have more outdoor seating for those awesome BBQs I want to throw all summer so it means less borrowing chairs from people!

I’d also really like an undercover seating area so it can be used as often as we can. Being undercover means I can escape the sun as I hate being in direct sunlight when I’m eating. A little table with two chairs makes me feel like I’m eating Al Fresco abroad too so that’ quite the added bonus; I can escape Costa Del Essex for the Costa Del Sol whilst I enjoy my dinner with a bottle of wine.. or two!

We’ve also discussed a shed for the end of the garden too, but this is no ordinary shed! It’d be home to our mini home gym and to our bar area so we don’t need to keep going into the house when we’re eating outside or entertaining. I’d also be a little tempted to pop a small desk or table in there so it gives us the option to take the laptop down there and work if we want to escape the house for a little bit. I’m also debating putting Mike’s PlayStation down there but he doesn’t know that just yet!!

I really can’t wait to make our home and garden somewhere we’re really proud of!

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