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Crown to Soul Relaxation at the Spa Experience, Walthamstow *

Since going freelance I feel like I work every hour that I’m awake and I’m sure its the same for all people that work for themselves. Some days I get up when Mike leaves for work at 8am and will work through to 11pm whilst having lunch at my desk and only stopping to have dinner so I get to spend some time with Mike! I often feel like I need to be checking my emails constantly to keep up to date with work coming in, replying to every comment I get on Instagram and seeing what opportunities are around on Twitter. So it will come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance of taking an afternoon off and spending some time at the Spa Experience in Walthamstow.

The Spa

Spa Experience is run and house in the Better Gym on Chingford Road and their aim is to bring the luxury spa experience at an affordable price. You can book a two-hour session to use the Thermal Spa which consists of a Hamman which is a relaxing heated seating area and is the perfect introduction to the thermal spa experience and can also be used as space to enjoy in between experiences, the sauna being a traditional ‘dry’ heat treatment in a wood-lined room with a temperature reaching up to 90C which is designed to induce perspiration in order to cleanse the body of its impurities, and a hydrotherapy pool which has multiple jets working on different muscle groups to pummel away any stress and fatigue from the body which is always one of my favourites part of any relaxing spa session.

There are also two fabulous Monsoon Showers that have several jets release scented water, creating contrasting shower experiences and those jets range from a warm tropical downpour to cool water, releasing a fine Scotch mist which is great for your skin and can even help aid weight loss, and lastly, one I’m always too scared to use, the ice fountain that produces ice flakes to be rubbed on the body which stimulates circulation and facilitates the cooling of the body.

The Treatment

The relaxation room, as pictured above, was where I spent a good chunk of my time with a good book so I could totally switch off before my Crown to Soul treatment that’s a new massage to be added to this list of those available just in time for Christmas.

The Crown to Soul treatment is a gentle mindful therapy that left me feeling so calm, relaxed and balanced. It really was like no other treatment I had experienced before!

The massage was a mix of modern application of ancient, eastern therapy as it begins with a soothing foot and leg cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage encompassing reflexology pressure points. I had never had my legs or feet massaged before as I’m rather ticklish but it was so relaxing. I also never think to exfoliate anything other than my face so this left my legs feeling really soft and refreshed.

You finish up with a head, shoulder, neck and décolleté massage using signature oils, complete with a Shirodhara-style massage which was dreamy. I love having my head massaged as it’s something that really chills me out and always leaves my hair feeling great too.

I left feeling 100% relaxed and it was a short journey home to make it even better! If you’re looking for a great value for money gift for someone special this Christmas then I can highly recommend buying them a Spa Experience voucher!

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