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5 Top Tips for Planning a Fun Staycation With Your Grandparents *

*Collaborative Post.

As travel restrictions ease, more people are taking to the skies in search of sunnier climes. Who can blame them? After all, life since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made life fantastic for many people in Britain.

The thing is, some folks are naturally apprehensive about travelling abroad at the moment, especially with elderly relatives, due to COVID-19 infection rates rising in many nations. It’s for that reason they prefer to have a staycation instead of going abroad for a holiday.


You’re probably reading this because you’d like to plan a big family holiday and you’d like to invite your grandparents to share in your getaway. With that in mind, the following tips will help you to plan a smooth and successful fun family holiday with your grandparents:

Take Out Some Travel Insurance

You might think that travel insurance is only necessary if you’re planning to travel abroad. After all, if any of your party need medical help, they’ll get it for free on the NHS. The truth is, travel insurance is helpful in other ways.

For example, over 70s travel insurance can compensate your grandparents if any travel connections get cancelled or curtailed. It also provides cover if any of their luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged during their travels with you.

Don’t Assume They Will Babysit for You

Some couples assume bringing their grandparents with them on an extended family holiday means they can ask their older relatives to babysit their kids for them. It’s best not to make such assumptions. Your grandparents will want to go exploring and spend time together too.

It makes sense to have a discussion with your grandparents and ask if they’d be willing to babysit on some occasions during your holiday together. That way, you and your partner or spouse can enjoy a romantic night out away from your kids without any worries.

Talk About Money

Sadly, money is a requirement for virtually anywhere you want to visit or anything you want to do in today’s modern world. With that in mind, you’ll need to consider what your grandparents can afford during your staycation together.

For example, they may prefer to spend some time by a peaceful loch in Scotland rather than in a bustling (and expensive) part of central London.

Decide What You’ll Do Together and Apart

It makes sense to plan out a rough itinerary of things you want to do with your grandparents and activities you’d rather do without them. For instance, your elderly grandparents may not want to go snorkelling or rock-climbing with your family!

Choose a Destination Everyone Will Love

Lastly, you’ll need to think about points of interest that everyone in your group will enjoy. As you can imagine, not everyone in your family will want to do the same things, so your destination should offer plenty of choices for activities.

Also, if you’re travelling with a baby or toddler, you’ll need to consider a destination that offers fun things for little ones to do!

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