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Winter Car Care Checklist for Safe Driving *

As the winter is basically here, it’s time to make sure your car is ready for it! By doing some very simple checks it can save you a hell of a lot of money when that last thing you want is an unexpected payout when you want to be spending your money on fun, festive outings and presents for your loved ones. Or maybe even a cheeky birthday present for me! I have a little checklist that I like to whip out every now and again to make sure we aren’t caught out, and here it is for you guys…

One of the top things on my list so to check that your tyres are suitable and attuned to drive in winters. If you get really bad weather like they do more up north it may be more than worth investing in some winter tyres. They are designed to deal far better with the rain, snow and ice that is likely to be thrown at us as usual summer tyres can stiffen up when the temperature drops. Winter tyres use a certain type of rubber with a tread pattern designed to stay flexible in low temperatures which means they are better for braking and handling.

Making sure your car batteries are functional and fit so that no inconvenience is caused and assuring you have a safe drive. If like us, you don’t use your car all that much there is a chance that your battery could go flat from lack of use. The cold weather can also make it harder for your car to start as the fluids in the battery are at a lower temperature. Remember that leaving electronics like GPS or smartphones plugged into a car charger can drain the battery too as they use a lot of electricity. If you want to ensure a smoother and safer drive with your car, then you can get your batteries checked out by Ossett Tyre House.

By having your car serviced, it will allow your car to be fully prepared to bear the severe weather conditions and prevent hindrance. There is no standard for determining at which intervals a car needs servicing so it’s something you will have to judge yourself. A lot of modern cars will have computers in that will alert you, but if you’re using an older, vintage car check the service intervals laid down by the car manufacturer that will be in your log book. It also depends greatly on how much you use your car too as if you’re driving over 10,000 miles a year you may need more than one service each year!

It should not be forgotten to schedule your car for an MOT no matter what time of the year it is! MOT tests are carried out at authorised test centres all around the country and they will all display an official blue sign featuring three white triangles; there’s over 20,000 of them in UK so there are no excuses for not having one done as there is bound to be one close to you!

Have you taken precautions this winter?

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