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What are Daily Jackpots? *

One new concept in online gaming are the jackpot prizes on a daily basis. The idea comes from progressive jackpots to create a bonus-style system for players.

As well as being unique, Daily Jackpots pay out very well. Perhaps not the life-changing seven-figure sums that the progressive jackpots regularly reach, but they can quickly get into five-figures. The average is £15,000 – nothing to walk away from. In fact, they have topped £50,000 a fair few times as well.

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If you’re a fan of online slots, then you may want to read on about Daily Jackpots and how you can win some considerable prizes. And how frequent are they won? Well, daily of course!

Online casinos have created a special room on their website for the Daily Jackpots. Once there you will be able to see what the current amounts are. An example of this can be found at:

Working in the same way as progressive jackpots, these jackpots are formed by accumulating money from every player’s bets from games in this room until someone has won the grand prize. Once it has been won the jackpot is reset and begins increasing again until it has been won again.

What’s more, like the name suggests, someone must win every single day. And the Daily Jackpots are a bonus, so you can still as normal on the slots games in this room even if you don’t leave with the grand prize. Should you win the Daily Jackpot then you’ll actually walk away with two prizes in one!

There are no set games that are in the Daily Jackpot room. Games change regularly which means that you’ll need to keep your eyes open and don’t settle on any single game. In the long run this makes it more enjoyable for players so that they can play a variety of games to keep them entertained.

Provided you click on the Daily Jackpots header or room then you won’t get lost. Just be prepared to find different games from one month to the next. There are always 30+ games to choose from so you’re never short for choosing which one to play. If anything, you may find there are too many of your favourites to choose from!

All of your favourite games rotate in and out of selection. You can currently find Rainbow Jackpots and Dragon’s Luck Power Reels available. These are just some of the many games connected to the Daily Jackpot prize and don’t be surprised to even more added over the course of the coming months.

The minimum stake for these games starts from £0.01. The usual payouts are also available – the Daily Jackpot being an additional bonus. The payout tables are still available for each game so you know what you’re capable of. In fact, nothing has been changed in these slots games from what you’d expect from them in the slots section. The only difference is that you have a chance to win a big jackpot as a bonus!

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