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How does Blogger Outreach Work?

This is a collaborative post.

I’ve been working in blogger outreach for around seven years now. It’s such an interesting sector to have experience in especially when I’ve been blogging for as many years too. I love seeing how different brands approach their outreach and I can often learn from them if they’re using new or different tactics to how I would go about it. I also find it really interesting to see how bloggers in Facebooks groups I’m in react to outreach emails they receive.

For brands, blogger outreach is a great way to build your backlink profile which can help raise your rankings. It can also raise brand awareness so the blogger’s readership becomes aware of the brand, which in turn can lead to increasing the brand’s audience and there’s even a chance it can lead to an increase in revenue. is a great place to start if you need help.

For bloggers, getting involved with brands the offer outreach really opens your blog up to so many things! Many brands host blogger events so there’s the chance to meet other like-minded bloggers. There are many up and coming brands that look to bloggers for help in getting their brand awareness off the ground so bloggers are often the first to find out about what could be the next big thing. There’s also a chance of earning some money too as many brands realise how much work goes into taking photos, writing posts and keeping on top of social media.

Over those good few years, I’ve picked up a selection of tips on blogger outreach that can both benefit both brands and bloggers alike, so I’m going to share a couple of my favourites with you today!

Be Personable

For brands, when you’re outreaching to bloggers, don’t just send out blanket emails. Send a little longer and address the email the blogger you’re sending the outreach email to. As a blogger, it gets a little bit tedious receiving emails that say ‘Hey’, or ‘Hey Squibb’,  or just ‘Hey there’. I’m far less likely to read an email that’s addressed like that as it just feels rushed. Take those few extra minutes to find out the bloggers first name as you’re far more likely to get a reply!

Don’t Get FOMO

For bloggers, you have to remember that there are so many bloggers out there now that you can’t get chosen for everything. Getting FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is totally natural when you’re scrolling through your social media or blog feed and see other bloggers you follow at all these wonderful events and sharing lots of new content when you’re sat on your sofa in your onesie. With there being such a high amount of bloggers, you won’t get chosen all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. Brands can set really tight guidelines on what genre of bloggers they want to work with so if you miss out, keep your head up and your time will come! This also means, don’t get mad at those doing the outreach if you don’t get invited, they’re often just the middle man adhering to guidelines!

Hope these couple of tips are helpful no matter what side of the world of outreach you sit on.

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