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Planning Makes Perfect: The Wedding Inspo For Your List

Congrats on your upcoming special day! This is a time to enjoy (yes, really), and find every way to alleviate the stress of planning something that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. Wedding planning has a bad wrap, but, everyone has watched Don’t Tell The Bride too often, and simply associates it all with tears, stress, and lots of worries. Well, it really doesn’t need to be like that (phew), and you can turn up to say your vows feeling happy, calm, and confident that you’ve planned something well, and a day that will provide you and your guests with plenty of happy memories. It’s just going to take some thought and attention, but, you knew that already.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by everything you’ve seen on Pinterest, blogs, and in magazines; take yourself away from it all, and write a list of your main priorities. Think about your budget and time, and add things that will make you and your partner truly happy, over what you feel you should be doing because you’re comparing your day to someone else’s. Get your list at the ready so that you can then do your research and make contact, cheerfully and methodically. Remember, that you can always listen to ideas and advice, but there’s no need to feel forced to follow it. Be strong, you’ve got this! You can and will have a magical day ahead of you. The following are some ideas and inspiration for brides-to-be who want to take control of their wedding day and are ready to create their ideal list.


What You’ll Enjoy

Weddings have fully evolved into events where people have the freedom to celebrate their personal style, taste, and personality, to better enjoy the special occasion. Therefore, don’t hold back in regards to injecting plenty of character and details into your wedding; it’ll ensure that your guests understand how much effort and care has gone into everything, as they’ll be reminded of the happy couple at every moment. Whether it’s essential that you find the best wedding band Surrey has to offer because music is a huge part of your life, or your cheese board selection is second-to-none, because you both adore fromage; get those things on the top of that list! Prioritising those things that you find important and enjoy as a couple will solidify your wedding as your own, and you’ll enjoy every second.

Who You’ll Enjoy

It can be challenging to edit your wedding guest list. However, those sometimes awkward or tough decisions, can make a huge difference to the happiness you’ll feel on your wedding day. It’s time to find strength in and from those that you love the most, and can’t imagine not being there to help you celebrate. Don’t feel obliged to invite anyone. You may have drifted apart from people, certain family and friends might make you feel anxious, or, you simply don’t like or get along with particular individuals. These are the ones that you’re well-within your rights to remove from your guest list. Surrounding yourself with those who bring you joy and positivity is the best way to enjoy your special day.

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