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Tailor-Made Tours You Must Experience

This is a collaborative post.

We all know that I love visiting new places. I love heading to new countries, new cities and new attractions as I just want to see everything I can! I want to learn about all the different cultures. I want to try all of the food and drink they have to offer. I want to support local businesses and I think the best way to do that is to book a tour.

Since being back from our Trek America, I’ve become such an advocate for tours. Our tour guide was just so incredible at showing us the best bars off the main strip, the best attractions that wouldn’t be filled with tourists and the best shops that were run by locals so our visit really would make a difference.

I’d love to see more of Europe and, of course, I found a few tours that I’d love to go on.


I’ve never been to Croatia, but my parents loved it there so I’d certainly want to take a tour there. I’d be most interested in seeing Dubrovnik as it always looks so stunning when I see it online or on TV. Whilst I was there I’d want to take on the Dubrovnik Old Town & Panorama Tour that takes around three hours to see the exquisite views over Dubrovnik from the Srdj Mountains to get a different perspective of the town and be taken around Old Town Dubrovnik. I’d also love to take a private boat tour around Croatia too!

I’d also make sure we took in time to see Zagreb as it oozes culture, arts and music through to architecture, impressive gastronomy and a thriving nightlife scene. What more could you ask for!? After seeing Zagreb wouldn’t it be amazing to do a 10 Night Zagreb & Kvarner Islands Cruise where you stop off at Plitvice Lakes, Opatija, KRK, Rab, Zadar, Losinj and Cres which means you could see so much more of stunning Croatia.

The Baltic States

Estonia is the most northern country in the Baltic States and it has been said that has quite a Scandinavian style culture. We’ve spoken about visiting Tallinn this year for a few nights with friends but in an ideal world I’d be hopping on board a Journey Through The Baltic States cruise to take in not only Estonia but to visit Latvia and Lithuania too. All of these three countries are places I’ve never been before and always get a serious case of FOMO when others talk about having been there.

There are oodles of medieval castles and splendid rococo churches which I’d love to explore. I’m also not sure I’ve ever eaten foods from this part of the world so I’d like to think the day tour guides would know the best places to find local cuisine served in restaurants that only the true locals eat in.


I’ve been to Italy more times than I can count as it’s somewhere I visited a lot as a child with my parents and friends, but there is still so many parts of Italy I’m yet to visit. Top of my list would be Bologna after hearing about it recently from a friend. I’m sure you can guess my motive for heading to the food capital of Italy! I do think taking a tour around Italy would help me to take in a lot more culture and point out the best places to eat!

Bologna encompasses amazing food towns like Parma which is known for Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino Romano cheeses and cured meats such as Prosciutto. It’s also the home of balsamic vinegar which is one of my most favourite dressings for salad, pasta and for dipping my bread in.

It’s also home to a lot of supercars so I’d certainly build a tailor-made tour around food, fast cars and feasting on culture!

Would you ever take a tour or go on a cruise with day tours?

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