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Transforming Your Home Into A Summer Staycation Paradise!

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You can tell from reading my other posts about staycations that I think giving yourself a holiday break while staying in this country is a great idea. However, what about taking it one step further and not even leaving your own home? In fact, this is totally possible and can be utterly enjoyable as well, especially if you make a few small changes and tweaks that will allow you to make the most of your staycation time at home. Read on to find out what they are.

Get the garden sorted

The most crucial thing that you need to do when transforming your home into a summer staycation paradise is to get your garden to a place where you want to spend plenty of time out there.

Of course, in the UK, where the weather is somewhat unpredictable this can be a bit of a challenge. However, installing some cover, or shade can be a smart way of creating an outside space that is usable in all weathers, meaning you don’t have to be stuck indoors on your staycation.

Additionally, adding some super tropical touches can elevate your back garden to a mini paradise that you can enjoy and relax in. Think potted palms, wooden decking, and even a hammock for chilling in, here.

Create an indoor-outdoor flow

Next, something that many of us Brits notices when we are away is the integration of the outdoor and indoor life that is a prominent feature of many warmer climates. Happily, this is also something that can be easily achieved at home and can enhance a staycation no end.

The first step is to break down the barriers between the inside and outside with French style or bifold doors. Then be sure to echo the greenery and foliage in the garden inside by using potted plant, palms, and succulents in wicker and rattan pots and stands.

Additionally adding seating that can be used inside and out can work particularly well, because it makes the entire space more flexible and maintains consistency. Look for waterproof beans bags, or if you are searching for a more on-trend vibe why not go for high backed, ornate rattan chairs which are set to be all the rage this summer?

Go for a pool

Access to a body of water is the one thing that most overseas vacations have that is a real rarity in the UK. After all, what will get you in the holiday vibe more than paddling in the ocean, or taking a dip in the hotel pool?

Of course, unless you are working with unlimited funds creating your own ocean and beach is going to be pretty tricky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a pool or water feature instead.

In fact, contrary to popular belief choosing an above ground pool can be a budget conscious choice, and to get a really luxe vacation feel some folks decide to install a raised deck too. A place perfect for sunbathing.

However, if this is beyond your budget, you can still get a tropical, if slightly more kitsch vibe by treating yourself to a paddling pool. You can even set your deck chairs up so you can paddle and sit at the same time. Which may not be the classiest thing ever, but sure can feel a lot like a tropical paradise, especially in the middle of a summer heat wave.


Master temperature control

Of course, you won’t want to spend all of your time outside during your staycation, and that means that you will need to make the interior of your home as comfortable as possible as well. In particular, this means being able to control and get a little relief from the heat.

Happily, this is something that isn’t too tough to do. In fact, you can either install, or get an AC repair company out to maintain your unit before you take your break. Something that will ensure you can keep as cool as possible, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Treat yourself

Of course, a significant part of any break, whether you stay in the UK or not, is treating yourself to those little luxuries that you wouldn’t have in your typical day to day life.

One fantastic way of doing this is to invest in a retro bar cart and some nice glasses and stock up on your favourite vacation tipples. Then you can pour yourself a tropical cocktail, take it out into the garden, and truly revel in that holiday feeling, all without even having to step out of your own front door!

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