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How to make your Small Bathroom feel Bigger on a Budget

I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to give my thoughts on how we could make our little ensuite bathroom feel a whole lot bigger and how we could do that without breaking the bank. As I’ve mentioned hundreds of time on here, we are hoping to sell up the flat and buy a house as soon as possible, but we are gradually making little changes to the flat so when it does go up for sale, it looks amazing!

We are lucky enough to have both an ensuite and a family bathroom so we use one each to speed up the getting ready time of a morning. Mike uses the ensuite and that is the last room we need to give a little bit of life to with a few changes and here’s what we have planned to do on a budget.

Paint the Walls with a Fresh Colour

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have seen glimpses of our bedrooms and the newly decorated hallway and we know that have quite dark taste in decor, but that doesn’t work with small spaces. As our bathrooms as they are landlocked with no windows, it’s best to pick a light colour to make the space feel as open as possible.

The walls are currently white so we don’t want to go too much darker but we also want to give the room a little bit of personality too. All of the colours we use in the flat are Farrow and Ball so we’ve chosen their Cabbage White, but other brands offer cheaper paints in such a great range of colours too.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter really does make a room feel smaller so make sure you get rid of all the bits and bobs you really don’t need in the bathroom. We have minimal wall space in the ensuite so there’s a small corner shelving unit so to reduce the clutter and make it look cleaner, I’m going to purchase a few little baskets to sit on the shelves so you can’t see what’s inside them.

Another great way to save clutter is by having a little shelf or two in your shower as having your shampoo and shower gel on the floor can make the area look super cluttered too.

Utilise the Space

You may have a small bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the space that you do have well. If you can remove the pedestal from under your sink it’ll give you some more open space. This is something we’ve considered and I’m gonna be looking more into as the sink is directly opposite the door so it’ll look so much bigger on first glance if we can get rid of ours.

If we had a little more money to spend I’d be upgrading our current shower to a walk-in shower with a wet room feel as having less shower door can make the room feel more open too, but if you’re looking for other quick fixes like these then be sure to check out their blog post here.

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