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How to Create an Outdoorsy Feel in your Living Room

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, there’s nothing nicer than being outdoors, but when the weather takes a turn and you’re stuck inside, then why not give your living room a little makeover so you feel like you’re outdoors all year round?!

There are a few little bits and bobs you can do to make this happen and I’ve picked my favourite to share with you!

Have Plenty of Greenery

There’s nothing more that can make you feel like you’re outdoors than filling your living room with plenty of greenery. I’m pretty useless with pot plants so I’d be opting for the synthetic variety to make sure I don’t kill them off too soon! I’ve managed to kill off two of my three cacti so you can see how I bad I am with plants.

There are so many great options for indoor plants now; our most recent purchase that we are just about keeping alive was from our local hardware store, but there are so many shops that offer so many varieties. Succulents are some of my favourites and can be so versatile.

Hanging plants are a really fun way to add greenery too.

Choose a Wooden Coffee Table

Most outdoor furniture is made from wood so why not invest in a stylish wooden coffee table that gives off an outdoorsy feel. Bringing wood and the likes into your home where you may not have before can really give a whole different feel to a room.

We currently have a coffee table with a glass top and as soon as we move I will be swapping to a more earthy looking wooden one. I think they just give a warmer feel to any room too.

Allow as Much Natural Light in as Possible

If you’re living room has plenty of windows then you really need to embrace that natural light! It’s really good for you and certainly beats having to have synthetic lights on all the time. Make sure you keep the curtains open, blinds up and embrace the sunlight.

If your room doesn’t have many windows then you can create your own ‘natural light’ by using light coloured paints to ensure what light does get in can bounce off the surfaces. Hanging big mirrors can also bring in more light and make your space feel bigger too.

Bring Outdoor Elements Inside

If you really want to go all out then why don’t you use outdoor furniture inside? Rattan furniture is really versatile and can be really comfortable too. It also gives of a really nice summer holiday style vibe too which I love as it really reminds me of being in the Mediterranean and having breakfast alfresco! Rattan style furniture is also really hard wearing, as it’s made to survive the weather, so it’s a really great investment too! Over the past few years, the styles have just got better and better too so there really is so much choice.

Would you bring the outdoors into your living room?

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  1. Lizi says:

    I’m desperate to get a wooden coffee table! My current one is IKEA but is so old that I don’t think it will last much longer. I recently discovered that if you give plants plant food, they don’t die (ground-breaking, I know) so Gregory the triceretops plant is living his best life in my flat right now!

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