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What Apps do I use Most when Travelling?

As we do a fair amount of travelling, whether it’s just going somewhere new in the UK or to somewhere much further afield, we have a few apps on our phones that get us through all kinds of travel.

We have apps to keep us entertained, apps to make sure we make the most of our travel and apps that simply make our lives a little easier, so what are they?


I was introduced to Yr by an old colleague and it’s literally a game changer. is a Norwegian website and app for weather forecasting and I have never found an app so reliable. It has such accurate locations and will give you, at a glance, the breakdown for through from the very early morning, morning, afternoon and evening, and with a swipe, you can get hourly updates too.

We trust it so much that we’ve deleted all other weather apps from our phones!


So Obooko free ebooks isn’t actually an app itself, it’s a website that offers the over 2000 totally free ebooks. Yes, each and every single ebook on Obooko is absolutely free so you can enjoy reading as many novels and textbooks as you wish. There’s no monthly subscription, not even a yearly subscription. Although the majority of the authors on Obooko are self-published, there are still many bestselling authors that have put free books on the site too.

I’ve been putting my free membership to good use as I’ve set myself a reading challenge to read 30 new books this year and with the lovely authors giving away their books, it makes this challenge a lot cheaper for me! I’m 5 books in, so I’m a little behind what I should be but with a few train trips booked in, I will be caught up in no time.

But why is it listed in the apps I use when I travel when it’s technically a website? Well, when you pick the book you’d like to download you’re given three options; PDF, Kindle or E-pub so you use an app to read them! I’ve been using the Kindle app to read them so that’s why I’ve counted it!


I don’t actually know what I did before I had the Lightroom app on my phone! As we shoot all of our images in RAW, they have to be edited before we use them anywhere. By having the light version of Lightroom available on my phone means I can edit as I go so I can keep my Instagram stories and grid up to date no matter where I am in the world!

If you have an Adobe account you can also switch between platforms seamlessly. I have both Light and Classic Lightroom on my MacBook which means if I’m editing something on my phone, I can open the app on my Mac and have the photo there waiting for me to continue with.

I am also a big fan of making presents for my own use as I don’t believe in buying others to make your photos look like someone else, and I can do this on the go too.

Canva & Unfold

These apps are both equally useful so I couldn’t pick just one to mention!

Canva is where I make the Thumbnails for our YouTube videos, the highlight covers for my Instagram stories and the quotes we use on our Squibb Vicious Media account. It’s so handy to have on the road as I can keep my Insta story highlights all looking the same as I’m very much into things looking uniformed.

Unfold is where I create all of my Instagram stories, as again, I like to keep these all uniformed. Unfold allows you to upload photos or videos into different templates and add your own text. It’s almost a little like turning your stories into a magazine with neat image captions. When I then upload to the Instagram app, I just add the tags I need to. It’s so simple and looks so much neater than the fonts they give you on the Instagram app.

There are obviously a few apps that I travel with, but use all the use all the time such as Instagram, Canon Camera Connect for the Wi-Fi on our cameras, Mosaico so I can see what my Instagram grid is going to look like before I post as I am that pedantic and I use a Wordsearch app a lot too!

What apps do you love to use when you travel?

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  1. Ooh, I need to look into Obooko. I spend so much money on books!

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