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Eco-Droning with Yorkshire Water *

So by now, you’ll all know that I’m a bit a drone freak! I love our drone a little too much and have planned some really great trips to take it on this year to help improve the content we are creating! Drone racing has also caught my eye recently but I’m a little useless at flying still to take that on, but little did I know is that not only can you have tonnes of fun with a drone, they are used for lots of practical things too!

When you’re looking at buying houses online, you come across the odd drone photo of those houses that are way out of my price bracket, but I bet you didn’t know that brands such as Yorkshire Water are too! Yes, you read that right… YorkshireWater are aiming to reduce sewage escapes that cause pollution by 40 percent by using new technologies, such as the Yorkshire Water infrared drones. So they’re not exactly the same as the drones that us content creators use, but still, they’re being used to do something so great for the environment!

Not only are they trying to reduce the number of sewage escapes, they are also making sure that you know how to look after your home as best you can. This includes preventing blockages, how to make a difference yourself by learning how to save water and there is plenty of information for ensuring your home is winter ready to prevent pipework bursting during low temperatures as it’s still pretty darn cold outside!

With all of this happening they will be hiring up to 300 new staff which is such a boost in support their local areas and they will be added around 15,000 new monitoring devices that will be attached to key locations in the water network enabling network issues to be identified much more quickly and when I say quickly I mean 3 hours quick opposed the 3 days it used to take them!

They also have some water saving eco-friendly advice on products such as using smart shower heads, garden rainwater collections, sensor taps, shower timers and dual flush toilets so by making a small change you really can be making such a difference! We have dual flush toilets in both of our bathrooms and as do my parents and it’s not like you’re going out of your way to make a change, it’s something so simple that you do without thinking!

I am always down for backing companies that do more for the environment which creates new jobs and teaches us ways we can make a difference! What are you doing to make the environment healthier!?

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