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It’s Never Too Early to have an 8 Week Christmas Spending Plan

According to annual bank surveys, the average Brit plans to spend around £1,800 on food, entertainment, gifting, travel and related expenses over Christmas holidays. If your good senses and budget calls for less, you can easily reduce it without reducing the fun.

The New Year

Something you will find very useful is to keep the previous year’s budget and plan. You will be able to gauge what you did right and where you went wrong. This year start saving for your holidays as soon as you get your first pay and open an ISA specifically for Christmas holidays. You will have more funds while to your previous year’s budget.

This is an 8-week Christmas sending plan to increase spirits without breaking the bank.

Eight weeks before

Seven weeks before

Six weeks before

Five weeks before

Four weeks before

Three weeks before

Two weeks before

One week before

Then enjoy your week of the Holidays!


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