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Taking Good Care Of Your Leather Riding Boots

Spending money on a brand new pair of horse riding boots is definitely a great idea. A pair of heavy-duty riding boots is a long-term investment. These boots will stay with you for years to come. Also, it is advisable not to go for a cheap pair of riding boots just for the sake of saving a few bucks. At times, going for a cheaper option can turn out to be quite ‘expensive’.

Every horse rider loves to buy a new pair of country boots once the old ones are worn out.

It goes without saying that taking good care of your riding boots happens to be of utmost importance. You cannot afford to take your riding shoes for granted. Riding boots featuring a leather construction are prone to damage. Frequent contact with water can damage your leather boots quite severely.

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An experienced rider knows the importance of taking good care of his riding boots. Looking after your leather boots helps prolong their life. Spending unnecessarily on getting your old boots repaired can be a tiring exercise. Nobody likes spending money unnecessarily on buying a new pair of riding boots every now and then. In order to keep such unnecessary expenses at bay, it is highly advisable to follow the following tips:

Before you wear your boots

So, you’ve finally managed to get your hands on a brand new pair of riding boots, right? Now, you need to undertake some sort of pre-care before wearing them and hitting the saddle,. Simply put, your boots would need conditioning in order to counter the moisture.

Cleaning your boots

It goes pretty much without saying that you need to keep your boots clean if you want them to last long. In case you find your boots lying in a pool of mud, then use a soft brush to clean the leather upper. Use some reasonably warm water to remove all the mud. Also, it is advisable not to use soap. Soaps can cause leather to disintegrate.

Now, as far as the soles are concerned, use a bigger brush to clean the soles. A bigger brush will get into the grooves and remove all the dirt. Once your boots are clean, let them dry for 15 minutes. After that, rub them using a clean and soft cloth.

Furthermore, if you’re using a leather cleaner, then pair it with a conditioner. There are 2-1 in leather cleaners available at tack shops. You can choose to apply the conditioner separately as well. Take a clean cloth and apply some conditioner on it. Rub it on your boots. Make sure that the conditioner covers the entire boot. Leave your boots for a few minutes after wiping off the excess conditioner.

Now onto the Polish

Okay, once you are done with the cleaning bit, it’s time to polish the boots. Polishing your boots regularly is a great way of keeping them neat and tidy. However, your boots don’t need polishing on a daily basis. Over-polishing can give rise to a sticky layer on the boots’ surface.

Waterproofing can help

Contemporary riding boots feature waterproof membranes. In case you happen to be using an old pair of boots that lack a waterproof membrane, then you can simply apply a waterproof spray to keep moisture at bay.

To draw the curtains

So, that’s pretty much about it. You got to take good care of your boots if you want them to last long. Your riding boots are a long-term investment. If you keep them intact, they’ll give you years of uninterrupted service.

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